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The ABR range of luminaires for functional lighting in offices, adjacent areas and wherever light is needed

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Surface-mounted luminaire for ceiling or suspended installation. Rectangular or quadratic design. For T26 illuminant.

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SG parabolic reflector grid, lucent


Parabolic mirror SG with specular anodised aluminium



ABR, the functional range of surface-mounted luminaires for practically all established lighting applications

ABR, the established surface-mounted grid lights from RIDI, are functional and plain and satisfy all requirements for the basis of a modern lighting solution. The especially small and compact ABR K luminaire is suitable for corridors and adjacent areas. The ABR can be installed as a single luminaire or as a light strip with continuous wiring. The ABR-R LED version with RIDI-TUBE is especially efficient and durable with replaceable LED illuminant.

  • The ABR for functional lighting in offices and adjacent areas
  • As single luminaire or light strip
  • Light deflectors for every requirement
  • Especially efficient and durable with RIDI-TUBES
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