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Design: LED gear tray made of sectional extruded aluminium, powder-coated white (...WS-...) or silver (...SI-...). RIDI LED linear modules fitted with mid-power LEDs for the highest efficiency. The circuit boards are pressed onto the aluminium profile over their entire surface for optimum heat dissipation. LED module solder joints are tested for cavities and resistance to vibration and torsion in compliance with the most stringent quality standards. No heat coupling between the LED modules and the converter. Shelf-lighting lens with double asymmetrical light distribution made of clear UV-stabilised PMMA, integrated flush into the gear tray. IP20/40 luminaire. Gear tray width is identical to the trunking. Spring steel clips for fixing the gear tray along the VLTM trunking. Together with the VLTM trunking for producing modular, variable light bands of protection rating IP20 and IP40. The gear trays can be mounted anywhere along the trunking. Electrical adapter allows the point at which current is drawn within the trunking to vary thanks to automatically contacted protective conductors. Phase selection using a sliding contact. Colour and optical coding for simple mounting. Mechanical coding to prevent incorrect installation (reversed polarity protection). Where gear trays are variably positioned and electrical components come into contact with the trunking connector, mounting is only possible using trunking connector VLTV…-600.

Colour rendering in index Ra >= 80, colour temperature 4000 Kelvin (840), other colour temperatures possible on request.

VLGFP-SN...MR (master) and VLGFP...DA... (Slave), purple colour coding for mounting in VLTM-7 or VLTM-11 as master-slave combination. Motion sensor controls the controller in the gear tray. Factory setting: After the last detected movement, the lighting level remains at 100% for a follow-up time of five minutes. This then reduces to dimming at 10%. After a further 30 seconds, the lamp switches off. A master gear tray can be fitted with a maximum of 3 slave gear trays. Individual configuration via app. When forwarding the control signal from the master gear tray over several trunking units, the control signal must be interrupted after no more than 3 slave gear trays. With VLTM-7, use a 5-core connector and with VLTM-11, manually remove control cables 4 and 5.

Dim. conv. DALI: Electronic DALI converter for LED, 220-240 Volt, 0/50-60 Hz, wired to electrical adapter with phase selection by means of sliding contact.

Note regarding refurbishing: When replacing T16/T26 gear trays with LED gear trays, two safety clamps each are to be mounted to secure the gear tray in the trunking (see trunking accessories).


Number of lamps: 1

Lamps: LED-M

Wattage: 47

Item number: 1561301

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