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VLDF - the perfectly-shaped light strip for T16 illuminant

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Light strip for surface or suspended mounting. Single luminaire with cover and end sections. For T16 illuminant. General-diffuse or for combination with light deflectors.

RIDI LINIA DECO with VLDF light strip for formal architectural interior design

The VLDF light strip from the RIDI LINIA DECO light strip range is especially suitably for single installation and for installing directly on the mounting surface. Suspended mounting is also possible. The narrow design and linearity of the overall appearance lends the room an elegant yet unobtrusive look. The VLDF light strip allows several luminaires to be positioned alongside one another. Attachments, light deflectors and grids permit a host of combination options.

  • Light strip for RIDI LINIA DECO
  • Narrow, elegant design
  • Numerous combinations with light deflectors and decorative attachments
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