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RIDI LINIA light strip – the classic, universal light strip for the T26 illuminant

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Device carrier for T26 illuminant. For mounting in the VLT support rail. IP20 protection rating. General-diffuse or for combination with light deflectors.

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5 5-pole design.

RIDI VLG ...-5

Gear tray with blue colour coding for mounting in VLT-5, VLT-7 or VLT-11.



RIDI LINIA T26 - the light strip for maximum applications with countless combination options

RIDI LINIA T26 can do everything what a light strip should – and much more besides. The VLG device carrier is the heart of the universal light strip and permits simple, colour-coded mounting. Extensive range of reflectors, light deflectors, grids, lenses, modules for emergency lighting, sockets and spotlights etc. offer an infinite number of versions.

  • Light strip for T26 illuminant
  • Designs in IP20 and IP54 protection ratings
  • Broad range of accessories

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