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Fire station, Eisingen

Project description
The new fire station in Eisingen is a highly-modern and future-facing functional building that meets all the requirements of a modern voluntary fire brigade and offers the best structural prerequisites for the fulfilment of its demanding tasks. The numerous rooms, all used for different purposes, called for an optimally matched illumination concept based on the latest LED technology. Luminaire models featuring various fastening options were chosen to create a uniform image. The F-LINE was installed on the ceiling in the control centre, where height is restricted. In the seminar and common rooms, which have high ceilings and slightly sloping roofs, they are used as pendant luminaires with indirect light. The same goes for the RIDI LINIA-FLAT light band: Suspended at optimal height in the vehicle hall, mounted directly on the ceiling in the workroom. The corridor area of the vehicle hall is illuminated by WL damp-proof luminaires with semi-circular cross section. In the changing room and kitchen, the robust, narrow LFN-T16-R damp-proof luminaires are used. With opal diffusors, they provide a pleasant diffused light. The staircase and the long corridor are graced by the transparent Iris (Spectral) ring luminaire as a wall-mounted and pendant solution, which was able to be colour-coordinated using inlaid foils (accessory).

Eisingen Germany



RIDI products used

RIDI LINIA-FLAT with VLG-F and VLGP-F gear trays is a particularly low-profile continuous lighting system with integrated integrated linear lenses and six different light distributions.
The F-LINE is an extensive, architecturally-distinctive and especially flat luminaire range for office workplaces, trade and industry
WL, the single luminaire for various ceiling installation systems with half-round trough from UV-resistant PMMA
LF, LFN and WLN trough luminaires are especially robust and hard-wearing single luminaires with IP50 protection rating
General-diffuse wet room luminaires and wet room luminaires with trough and a high protection rating for meeting tough environmental requirements
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