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Carl-Benz-Halle, Marxzell

Project description
The lighting system of the Carl-Benz-Halle in Marxzell was recently refurbished. The original luminaires from the 80s with power-hungry conventional lamps and ballasts made way for an efficient LED solution with considerable potential for energy-savings. Ball-resistant RIDI ESHL-L sports hall luminaires with parabolic mirror louvres were selected for the sports and multi-purpose hall. The integrated LED linear circuit boards were produced in the Jungingen factory and subjected to stringent quality control. In the glass roof area of the foyer, HPL LED high bay reflector luminaires are suspended from long wire pendants. With transparent reflectors and silver luminaire housing, they integrate harmoniously in the steel and glass design. The climate protection initiative of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety provided a subsidy of 25% of the capital cost under the municipal policy for the renewal of interior and hall illumination. Qualifying for this subsidy requires energy savings of at least 50%.

Marxzell Germany



RIDI products used

The ESHL recessed luminaire for sports halls is a closed single luminaire, hence very robust, insensitive to soiling and ball-resistant
HRL and HPL hall reflector illuminants, primarily for hall-size rooms from approx. 4 m and higher
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