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Police shooting range and dog handling unit, Tübingen

Project description
The new centre for the police dog handling unit, shooting range and operations training is a generously dimensioned, ultra-modern building accommodating not only the shooting range but also rooms for operations training, tutorial rooms, offices, a ballistics laboratory, common rooms and, in an ancillary building, dog pens. The lighting system is designed to be in keeping with the contemporary design of the traffic areas in exposed concrete: Copious light battens running in recesses in the ceiling create cohesive lighting lines and blend perfectly with the purist architecture. In the training rooms, a decision was taken to install classical surface-mounted louvre luminaires type ABRFB in a continuous arrangement without space between the luminaires.

Tübingen Germany


Education & Culture

RIDI products used

RIDI LINIA T16 – the universal light strip for the T16 illuminant with countless versions and colour-coding for simple, quick mounting
VLG-T16 ...
ABRFB, a range of surface-mounted luminaires for constructs with just one node and for numerous applications
A broad range of EBRE recessed luminaires for practically all ceiling types, in all sizes and lengths
The VLDF light strip for RIDI LINIA DECO in a narrow, elegant design for creating single luminaires or light strips.
VLDF ...
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