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Carpus+Partner AG, Aachen

Project description
A variety of RIDI luminaires are used in the new building at the Aachen location. In the corridors, recreation rooms and open-plan offices, backlit ceiling sails provide pleasant glare-free background lighting produced by top-mounted VLF battens. The recessed lighting channel VENICE-E ensures even illumination of the file shelving. High-powered EBDQ downlighters provide a pleasant atmosphere in the entrance area. Side and ancillary rooms are lit by functional, durable luminaires such as PFAG and LF-T16.

52074 Aachen Germany



RIDI products used

VLF-T26 light strip, general-diffuse single luminaire or combined with light deflectors for the T26 illuminant
VLF ...
EBDQ and EDLQ quadratic recessed downlights for casting direct light in low-ceiling rooms
The VENICE recessed luminaire for lighting channels in a seemingly narrow, purist design, flexible in terms of arrangement
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