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Ultra Bryn, Oslo (Norwegen)

Project description
The Ultra Bryn food market is part of the contemporary Bryn Senter shopping centre in Oslo. It was opened as one of the biggest food stores in 2010 and was among the first to use the Ultra concept. The RIDI LINIA continuous lighting system offers maximum flexibility here. Alongside standard continuous lighting runs, constructs were also implemented which form a large-area network connected by junction points. Variably positioned modular inserts with lighting tracks enable the use of spotlights for more precise lighting accentuation.

Oslo Norway



RIDI products used

RIDI LINIA T16 – the universal light strip for the T16 illuminant with countless versions and colour-coding for simple, quick mounting
VLG-T16 ...
A broad range of modules rounds out the RIDI LINIA light strip system. Modules available for spotlights, sensors, emergency lighting and pictograms.
VLM ...
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