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Consumo Laureles, Medellin (Colombia)

Project description
Medellin is Colombia’s second biggest city after the capital Bogotá. In the centre of this metropolis is the “Consumo Laureles“ supermarket, which has been equipped with various continuous lighting system components. Due to the given mounting height, particularly narrow beam reflectors made of high-efficiency aluminium were used. The VIM modules with integrated lighting track are used for the simple insertion and flexible positioning of spots.

Medellin Colombia



RIDI products used

RIDI LINIA T16 – the universal light strip for the T16 illuminant with countless versions and colour-coding for simple, quick mounting
VLG-T16 ...
A broad range of modules rounds out the RIDI LINIA light strip system. Modules available for spotlights, sensors, emergency lighting and pictograms.
VLM ...
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