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Jennie Lee Building, Milton Keynes (England)

Project description
The Open University ‚Jennie Lee‘ building was built as a world class facility for research and learning and was named after one of the founding members of the University. The main offices and spaces were lit with RIDI‘s ALI product to provide a neutral look with a good balance of lighting. The core areas became a feature of the building and LF opal luminaires were used as linear blocks running down the building to highlight the routes through. Spotlights were then integrated onto the structural columns to highlight these as a feature of the building.

Milton Keynes Great Britain


Education & Culture

RIDI products used

AL/ALI single luminaires or strip installation, also as rectangular constructs in the room
LF, LFN and WLN trough luminaires are especially robust and hard-wearing single luminaires with IP50 protection rating
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