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University Of Bath, Bath (England)

Project description
Bath University have a long standing reputation for using good quality energy efficient lighting throughout their campus and were early adopters on the LED revolution. The University is known to have the single largest DALI installation in the UK which is all controlled via an IP based controller. Clearly working with such an advanced system means that energy efficient quality products are a must. RIDI has worked closely with the Estates Department for many years and has been able to offer a wide variety of solutions for refurbish and new build. The main library project has seen a significant enhancement to the quality of the building whilst halving its energy consumption.

Bath Great Britain


Education & Culture

RIDI products used

RIDI LINIA-FLAT with VLG-F and VLGP-F gear trays is a particularly low-profile continuous lighting system with integrated integrated linear lenses and six different light distributions.
ARKTIK-E-LED ceiling-recessed luminaire with translucent trough ensures soft mood lighting in the room
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