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University for the Creative Arts, Farnham (England)

Project description
The UCA in Farnham looks back on a long and colourful history as a hub of creativity. To show off the impressive output of its graduates, the University has undertaken a program of renovation to provide a fitting backdrop for exhibiting their work. The corridor which serves as a changing exhibition surface for students used to be dominated by dark wooden ceilings lit by a handful of spots. The newly plastered white panel ceilings of the corridors required a new lighting concept. The custom produced U-LINE-MINI now makes a valuable addition to the perspective of the long corridor, bathing it in a soft diffuse light. A series of spots have also been used for directed lighting to show off the exhibited works to best effect. The luminaires are connected to the network, allowing optimum illumination of the exhibition surface to accommodate changing exhibits by individual dimming of specific spots using the lighting control system. Flexibility was an important criterion in the lighting design, as the room has to be used not just as a corridor but also a gallery.

Farnham Great Britain


Education & Culture

RIDI products used

The U-LINE-M is linear lighting system and, as an single luminaire, is the perfect complement to the U-LINE system
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