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BW Papersystems, Nürtingen

Project description
Openly designed workplaces and open-plan offices define the interior at BW Papersystems in Nürtingen. However, this room layout does increase the noise level, and this can have a detrimental effect on the human psyche. The answer comes in the form of "Silentium Raumakustik" innovative sound insulation solutions, which harmonise perfectly with the modern working world and create a pleasant spatial impression with their natural surfaces. The SPADA floor lamps are equally adaptive: They are versatile and offer optimal workplace illumination that meets every requirement. Their motion and light sensor, which is integrated into the luminaire head, detects the presence of people. The light switches on automatically and controls the light intensity as required. The integrated sensors and not least the modern LED technology make SPADA a highly efficient and sustainable light instrument. The SPADA casts glare-free light at the workplace through its microprism cover, and the high indirect emission makes it very easy on the eye.

Nürtingen Germany



RIDI products used

The SPADA is a floor-standing luminaire, reduced in its form to the essential, and casts a pleasant and efficient light in the working environment
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