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Stammherr GmbH Druckweiterverarbeitung, Waiblingen

Project description
Stammherr in Waiblingen is one of the region's most innovative folding specialists, offering numerous possibilities for processing printed products on a space of 1.100 square metres in total. To provide optimum illumination in the large production hall, the company opted for the flexible RIDI LINIA-FLAT luminous beam system. Linear lenses for wide-angled light dispersion and the transverse prismatic disk made of PMMA that reduces glare in the longitudinal direction guarantee optimum lighting conditions at the individual working areas. No additional reflectors are required to control the light, thus enabling an extremely flat and slim configuration. A clear sheet can also be pushed in for easy removal of dirt deposits on the underside. Planning: INNOBLICK GmbH & Co KG

Waiblingen Germany



RIDI products used

RIDI LINIA-FLAT with the VLG-FS device carrier is an especially flat light strip with integrated linear lenses and a lens for longitudinal glare control
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