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GABLER Immobilienverwaltung GmbH & Co KG

Project description
Gabler Immobilienverwaltung in Schorndorf provides storage in several large halls for forwarding agencies and other companies. A variety of goods can be stored, managed and processed at a location spanning over 10,000 square metres. Due to the long cooling period of the metal halide lamps, the existing conventional lighting reacted too slowly to meet the demands of the customer in terms of the lamps switching on and off. It is for this reason that a modern and energy-efficient LED solution should be employed. The extremely flat and slim design of the RIDI LINIA FLAT light band with the VLG-FS device carrier makes this an impressive lighting solution. The integrated linear optics and additional prismatic disc provide optimal, anti-glare light distribution. It is in combination with intelligent light guidance and the combination sensors, which detect physical brightness and presence, that light only shines in the halls if someone is present in the area and if daylight does not provide sufficient lighting. An optimal lighting solution can be achieved by retrofitting the LED lighting system in conjunction with a light guidance system in the halls. Such an upgrade will provide energy savings in the range of approx. 75-85%. Planning: INNOBLICK GmbH & Co KG

Schorndorf Germany



RIDI products used

RIDI LINIA-FLAT with the VLG-FS device carrier is an especially flat light strip with integrated linear lenses and a lens for longitudinal glare control
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