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Stuttgart-Vaihingen City Library

Project description
Thanks to its central location, the Stuttgart-Vaihingen City Library is a meeting place for people of all ages. It works together with other city libraries and the Stuttgart Central Library to provide all its visitors with access to education, culture and a wide range of leisure activities. Spread across three floors, visitors can find a large selection of literature, music and films, as well as computer workstations with Internet access. Even illumination and ambient lighting is provided by a special version of the EBRE9, with a concealing frame designed to cover the existing cut-outs in the ceiling. The lights are fitted with the RIDI-TUBE, an LED lamp designed by RIDI with an innovative fitting/bracket system that can be changed as easily as a conventional fluorescent lamp. All EBRE9 units are dimmable so that their lights can be adjusted to the individual’s needs. For targeted lighting of its countless shelves, the library uses KARO-S LED spotlights. In the children’s library on the ground floor, additional recessed downlighters (EDLR) with plate glass mounts provide suitable lighting. The individual lights and the high-tech LED technology have combined to create a highly effective lighting solution that is tailored perfectly to the requirements of this project.

Stuttgart-Vaihingen Germany


Education & Culture

RIDI products used

A broad range of EBRE recessed luminaires for practically all ceiling types, in all sizes and lengths
The KARO spotlight is an all-rounder with a futuristic appearance. Can be rotated around 360° and swivelled around 135°, with high-efficiency LED lenses
EBD and EDLR recessed downlights for all applications, for all ceiling systems, many different diameters and installation heights, broad range of reflectors and decorative attachments
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