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KIT Old Stadium 8, Karlsruhe

Project description
The Old University Stadium in Karlsruhe is a listed heritage building on the South Campus of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Under the grandstand, there is a sports hall with ogival tapered ceiling arches, lending an almost sacral character to the space. The room is a striking composition of exposed white concrete, red brick walls and a light wooden floor. The new lighting system does justice to this special hall: IHLS-L LED sports hall luminaires with opal discs and RBGW control ensure that the room can also be used to set a scene for festive occasions and celebrations. Everything is possible, from cool, neutral or warm tones of white to colourful light scenes.

Karlsruhe Germany



RIDI products used

IHLS industrial luminaires with higher protection rating for harsh environments. Ball-resistant and monitor workstation versions are also available
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