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Real Markthalle, Balingen

Project description
Real Markt Balingen in the Gehrn business park became a Markthalle and celebrated a major re-opening in July 2019. Following Krefeld and Braunschweig, Balingen is the third location following this concept, which evokes an image of a traditional market hall with its world of gastronomical experiences and numerous small stands. The individual areas are highlighted using lighting by RIDI. In the entrance area and the primary traffic paths, the RIDI LINIA-FLAT continuous lighting system provides basic illumination and guides the visitor towards the individual shopping areas. The special arrangement of the continuous lighting systems in the style of Mikado sticks brings a loosening effect in the main corridors. CIRQUA spotlights in single and double variants are used to provide lighting accents for cosmetics, household goods and promotional products. REY aisle zone spotlights, also in single and double variants specially developed for the complex requirements of product lightning in shelf aisles, provide efficient illumination of the product aisles and wall displays. In the cooled and frozen food sections, VLDF-F continuous luminaires at a cool 5000 Kelvin are used to visually separate it from the other areas of the market with a colour temperature of 3000 Kelvin, simplifying orientation inside the spacious market.

Balingen Germany



RIDI products used

RIDI LINIA-FLAT with VLG-F and VLGP-F gear trays is a particularly low-profile continuous lighting system with integrated integrated linear lenses and six different light distributions.
REY, an aisle zone spotlight for effective and efficient shelf illumination with TIR lens technology
The CIRQUA spotlight system combines the art of design with the high demands of cutting-edge lighting technology in the retail and shopping sector
The VLDF-FLAT light strip is an extremely uniformly illuminated single LED luminaire with various lenses for a broad range of applications
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