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RIDI LINIA – The best illumination system

The continuous lighting system has a long history at RIDI. The RIDI quick-mounting continuous lighting system was introduced on the market as early as 1987 and was successfully relaunched in 1996 as the RIDI LINIA system. That was the foundation stone laid for today's highly-innovative and, with LED illuminants, extremely efficient and sustainable RIDI LINIA system. It is now considered one of the most advanced, easy assembly and maintenance-friendly continuous lighting systems on the European market.

Thanks to the intelligent design and highly-modern production process, the RIDI LINIA continuous lighting system impresses not only through its high quality but also through the large number of combination options.

RIDI LINIA offers solutions and variants for all indoor illumination requirements up to protection class IP 54. Alongside the RIDI LINIA LED continuous lighting system there are, of course, also the traditional designs with the T16 and T26 illuminants. 

All RIDI LINIA variants at a glance


continues the established principles of RIDI LINIA continuous lighting. Based on the proven continuous lighting system, the LED gear trays expand the flexible modular system by highly-efficient light elements. Besides new installations, existing RIDI LINIA continuous lighting systems can also be simply retrofitted to LED without having to replace the carrier rail. 

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is geared exclusively to the T16 illuminant and impresses with its minimal dimensions. This is a decorative continuous lighting system, and can therefore also be used in shops, offices, administration buildings and schools.

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based on the same carrier rail cross-section as the RIDI LINIA, but all optical controllers are optimised for the T16 illuminants with correspondingly smaller dimensions.

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is the conventional continuous lighting system for the T26 illuminant. This is the base model for continuous lighting systems with a broad range of accessories and combination options.

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Light strips as single luminaires

for the LED, T16 and T26 illuminants, single luminaires are based on the RIDI LINIA system concept and can be combined with the optical controllers or the lenses of the RIDI LINIA continuous lighting system.

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are the perfect complement to the RIDI LINIA continuous lighting systems, and for the RIDI light strips. The modules are matched to the system and can be inserted in the support rail at any position without the use of tools.

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The intelligence of the RIDI LINIA continuous lighting system


Assembly instructions

Simple & safe

The intuitive colour navigation

is continuous from the packaging through to the components: colour coding with blue for 5-pin, purple for 7-pin and green for the 11-pin version extends through all components of the RIDI LINIA continuous lighting system. The simple assignment of the carrier rails and carrier rail connectors also improves safety and saves time thanks to the colour coding of the current conductor. In addition, mechanical coding reliably prevents the gear trays from twisting during assembly. 

Phase selection

and the emergency lighting circuits are selected by simply moving the contacts in the connector housing of the gear tray.

The system earthing is automatically tripped by forced contacting on the electrical assemblies, the ends of the current conducting profile are closed with patented safety caps.


Safe contacting

of the gear tray is possible at any position on the carrier rail thanks to the continuous current conducting profile. As a result, a completely variable arrangement of the RIDI LINIA continuous lighting system can be achieved.

RIDI LINIA systems have a comprehensive range of optical controllers such as reflectors, louvres and lenses. Various requirements, including industrial and shop illumination, can therefore be realised just like office or accent illumination. RIDI LINIA always offers the right solution. 

Protection classes IP20 and IP54

In the RIDI LINIA continuous lighting system, the same carrier rail can be used for both protection classes. Only gear tray selection is essential to the relevant protection class.

IP20: Protects against solid foreign bodies up to max. 12.5 mm

IP54: Dust and splash proof

The luminaire has to meet various requirements, depending on the purpose for which a room is used. Industrial and production workshops have to meet different requirements to offices or classrooms, for example.

Energy efficient

The RIDI LINIA continuous lighting system with variable contacting permits energy saving by accurately achieving the specified illumination level. The individual luminaires can be spaced any distance apart, the carrier rail is sealed by just a blank cover. This solution also reduces the procurement costs. Daylight and motion sensors also improve the energy efficiency to the benefit of our environment.

RIDI LINIA LED guarantees maximum energy efficiency through the use of mid-power-LEDs or LED RIDI-TUBES. No more obstacles to renovation and modernisation - lower energy consumption, long service life, reduced maintenance costs, good colour reproduction and the RIDI quality are the factors which guarantee success.

Modernisation case study

Pendant continuous lighting system in production hall,
Room dimensions: 50 m x 22.5 m, room height: 6 m, maintenance factor: 0.67
Recommended illumination intensity pursuant to DIN EN 12464-1: 300 lx

Energy savings: 43% as a result of luminaire replacement
Up to 66 per cent energy and CO2 savings per annum as a result of luminaire replacement lighting management with presence sensor and daylight control/deactivation


64 T26 continuous lighting system units, low-loss electrical ballast,
each fitted with two T26 fluorescent tubes (58 Watts), power consumption per luminaire 134 W
Medium illumination intensity on working plane 299 lx
for installed load of 8,600 W


85 LED continuous lighting system units,
Fixture: LED linear profile 2 x 3,680 lm (24 W), power consumption per luminaire 56 W
Medium illumination intensity on working plane 312 lx
for installed load of 4,760 W



The carrier rails are mechanically connected without the use of tools by simply plugging together the components. Any length of continuous lighting can be assembled. All fastening clips can be clipped on and variably adjusted without the use of tools. The gear tray is fastened to the carrier rail by means of the RIDI quick-turn connector.  


The colour coding of the current conductor profile in the 5-pin (blue), 7-pin (purple) and 11-pin (green) versions is also continued in the electrical connector to ensure quick and simple detection of the assembly direction. The visible, continuous colour strips offer the installation engineer instant checking and safety. 


The flexibility of the RIDI LINIA continuous lighting system is almost limitless. During assembly, a specialist is even able to shorten the profile and carrier rail. After cutting to size, only the safety cap has to be properly re-attached to the current conductor profile.

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