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RIDI LINIA DECO – for special occasions

RIDI LINIA DECO is a decorative continuous lighting system exclusively for the T16 illuminant.

In styling the RIDI LINIA DECO luminaire range, the designer has departed from the conventional industrial continuous lighting standard to create an especially slim profile, which is no way inferior to the established continuous lighting systems. The slender light line of the RIDI LINIA DECO is almost predestined for area illumination in the sophisticated genre of sales rooms and offices, and formally emphasises the architectural interior design.  

Slim gear tray VLDGT for RIDI LINIA DECO

The extremely minimised gear tray cross-section for standalone operation or for combining with optical controllers lends the RIDI LINIA DECO a delicate and elegant appearance. And so RIDI LINIA DECO allows design potentials in shops, exhibitions and museums, as well as in public areas.

With modular optical controllers matched to these challenging applications, the product meets almost every lighting requirement. 

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Present in the best light with RIDI LINIA DECO

The T16 illuminant is small and compact but big in design. This is the RIDI LINIA DECO continuous lighting. Extremely minimised product components, gear tray, optical controller and a clear design language lends the product an elegant lightness. The designer has successfully managed to skilfully integrate all disruptive technical elements of the design language in the artistic product components. The specially designed decor front part form a decorative yet unobtrusive continuous lighting closure. With its classic and clear layout, this product expertly integrates into almost any room design. 

Special lamp connectors in cross, L or T shapes permit construct formation and reflectors with various surfaces direct light where it needs to be. Louvres and lenses round out the range. 

RIDI LINIA DECO – small dimensions but big in light


RIDI LINIA DECO is the ideal continuous lighting system for shops, hospitality and exhibition areas, offices and schools. The smaller dimensions of the T16 illuminant impress with their simplistic design and adaptability to every room layout. Various accessories focus the light on the object to be illuminated or on the work surface. The trend for individual light continues with the RIDI LINIA DECO.


Effective RIDI quality management ensures that RIDI LINIA DECO illuminants leave the premises only when all requirements are met, and so the customer receives a "Quality made by RIDI" product. All production steps are carefully monitored and each product is checked for functionality.


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