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Current subsidy schemes operating in Germany


Local community directive offers expanded funding opportunities

The initiative of the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) launched a new application window with expanded potentials as part of the national climate protection initiative:

As in previous years, the funding programme is directed at local authorities as well as social or cultural facilities. New: Businesses and companies with local authority participation of at least 25% are likewise eligible to apply.
And for the first time, sports associations can also make applications for the local community directive.

Take advantage of a capital investment subsidy of up to 20-25% for renewing your interior and hall lighting.

The programme supports investment measures which lead to a sustainable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The subsidy applies for the installation of high efficiency LED lighting, open and closed loop control technology (light management systems) with a CO2 emission reduction of at least 50% over the old system.

In economic terms, this means:

  • Your share of the investment costs is reduced to as little as 75 %.
  • The annual fuel bill for your lighting system is halved because at least 50% of less energy is used than with your previous system.

Time windows for submitting your application:

  • 1st January 2019 - 31. December 2022

We will be pleased to advise you and support you in preparing your application. Our employees are available and will be pleased to help on +49 74 77 / 872-500 or by email: bmu.foerderungnoSpamPlease@ridi.de

NEW: V.2 Form indoor and hall lighting via KRL Online

Revised municipal policy from June 2019

Applicants from the following regions (lignite mining districts) may benefit from an increased funding rate of up to 15 percentage points:

Lusatia mining region:
Brandenburg: Dahme-Spreewald district, Elbe-Elster district, Oberspreewald-Lausitz district, Spree-Neiße district, city of Cottbus
Saxony: Bautzen district, Görlitz district

Central German mining region:
Saxony: City of Leipzig, Leipzig district, Nordsachsen district
Saxony-Anhalt: Burgenlandkreis, Saalekreis, city of Halle, Mansfeld-Südharz district, Anhalt-Bitterfeld district
Thuringia: Altenburger Land district

Helmstedt mining region:
Lower Saxony: City of Brunswick, Helmstedt district, Wolfenbüttel district, city of Wolfsburg

Rhineland mining region:
North Rhine-Westphalia: Rhein district, Neuss, Düren district, Rhein-Erft district, Aachen municipal region, Heinsberg district, Euskirchen district, city of Mönchengladbach

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