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The lighting of the sales area of a shop needs to be switched to 50% illuminance once the burglar alarm has been switched off and up to 100% 15 minutes before opening time. 15 minutes after closing time, the lighting needs to be dimmed to 50% again and when the burglar alarm is activated, it has to be switched off in every part of the shop. Using a suitable control element, it needs to be possible to programme more individual settings and behaviours in addition to the standard procedure. It also has to be possible to set the opening time via the control element.
When the burglar alarm is triggered, a set sequence is initiated for the lighting and it can only be deactivated when the alarm is switched off. Potential-free contacts are available that allow the lighting controls to be connected to the burglar alarm system. It needs to be possible to switch the lighting in the video surveillance and break room as well as the two offices on and off via push-buttons that are connected to the existing switch system. Also, the lights need to be dimmable. The continuous lighting systems in the warehouse have to be switched on fully automatically via integrated motion detectors when movement is detected and switched off again after the movement has ceased and after an adjustable period of time has elapsed. PC software is required to set the delays before the lights switch off, to configure all the other lighting control components, and to assign them as well as the individual luminaires.

APCON solution

The lights in all the areas are configured in DALI. Setting the opening time and other more custom settings takes place on the 7" colour display APCON DISP7W and you can create an unlimited number of user interfaces to aid in the task. Simply swipe to access the different pages. The display can handle countless pages that allow you to create lighting scenes as well as sliders for dimming and brightening. It is powered via the APCON PS24-DR power supply. The APCON COP4L-DR push-button coupler is used to connect to the burglar alarm system,
which controls the pre-set switching behaviour when the burglar alarm system is switched off and on as well as the behaviour when the alarm is triggered. For this purpose, their signals are connected to the inputs of the push-button coupler and configured accordingly. To avoid exceeding the maximum number of possible DALI addresses, the luminaires are combined into separate DALI broadcast circuits via the APCON EX-DR module. As such, all the luminaires in such a broadcast circle behave in the same way.

The lighting in the video surveillance and break room as well as in the two offices is switched on and off via the push-buttons of the existing series. To this end, the APCON COP-A push-button coupler is placed behind the push-button in the installation box and connected to the system (a maximum of 4 push-buttons can be connected potential-free). This allows the lighting to be switched on and off and also individually dimmed and brightened via the push-button. The continuous lighting systems in the warehouse are switched on simultaneously and fully automatically via the integrated motion detectors VLMF-SEN-500-7 APCON SEN12-SM when movement is detected and switched off again after the movement has ceased and once an adjustable period of time has elapsed. The entire DALI circuit is powered by the APCON PS-DR DALI power supply. The configuration of all the APCON lighting control components and luminaires, the  assignments, and the groupings are carried out via the DALI-USB PC interface APCON PCI-DR and the associated licence-free PC software DALI-Cockpit.

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