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Individual project solutions

The APCON INDIVIDUAL lighting control system offers a very high degree of functionality and flexibility and therefore enables individually customised holistic solutions.

A wide range of convenient operating and control elements such as push-button couplers, design-oriented touch panels and displays are available to control the lighting. The lighting can be conveniently operated via customisable interfaces for smartphones and tablets.

Use light only when and as much as necessary – multifunctional sensors for a wide range of applications enable energy savings by controlling luminaires according to daylight and movement.

Coloured light controls such as RGB, RGBW, Tunable White, or entire circadian daylight sequences (Human Centric Lighting – HCL) are some of the possible options via a number of operating and control devices.

The configuration of the luminaires, control, and operating elements as well as the sensors in a DALI circuit is carried out either conveniently on a smartphone / tablet app or on PC software with additional analysis and monitoring tools. The necessary system components such as interfaces and DALI power supplies are available.

The APCON INDIVIDUAL lighting control system is designed to suit any application. Components are available for DIN rail mounting in the control cabinet, for ceiling mounting, for wall mounting in installation boxes, and for housing / luminaire installation.

APCON INDIVIDUAL application examples

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