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Glare-free elegance

Lay-in and surface/suspended luminaires with MRM look

Luminaires with the MiniReflektorMatt light tool can be used anywhere that glare-free light is needed – in office areas just as much as in classrooms and meeting rooms. Their characteristic narrow beams bring the light exactly to where it is needed.

The compact MiniReflektorMatt allows solutions for new installations as well as for renovations with glare-free elegance in a compact design.

The LED modules with attached mini-reflectors ensure optimal light emission combined with perfect glare suppression. The luminous flux levels can, in part, be individually configured using ten different levels via integrated resistance (ResFlex). The LED driver is built into the luminaire, making the luminaire easier to mount.

All RIDI products in our newer designs are constructed and assembled in a sustainable manner. They can be easily replaced at a later date.


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