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A functionality much more than just light control

Most lighting control systems on the market are limited to lighting control itself, i.e. motion detection, daylight-dependent control, or scene and coloured light control.

Some systems still allow building control tasks to take place, or at least connection to a building management system.

The APCON lighting and building control system goes a lot further and enables you to, e.g., implement logical functions / links and even to monitor single-battery and central-battery emergency luminaires.

APCON can do so much more!
RIDI Group’s product diversity meets the diversity of functional possibilities provided by the APCON light and building control system.

The options range from simple motion detection to customer-specific requirements such as building access control or blind control.

Lighting control solution for long distances

APCON EASY is an application-specific lighting control system for RIDI LINIA continuous lighting solutions. Sensors that allow the lighting to be controlled by motion and light conditions form part of the continuous lighting system and control the use of luminaires as required.

You also have the option of switching the lights on and off or of dimming them individually. Configuration takes place on a convenient smartphone app. The system is particularly suitable for industrial and assembly areas, for use in logistics, and also for offices.



APCON EASY application examples


Room solutions combining and networking

APCON EASY BLE: the lighting control solution for when additional control connections for switching and dimming the luminaires cannot be installed or are not desired.

This is the case, for example, with refurbishments, where the existing mains connection often has to stay in use, meaning that no connections are available for the controls. To get around this issue, we use low energy Bluetooth radio modules in the luminaires, which integrate them with other similarly equipped luminaires and control components in a mesh network, which makes them intelligent and controllable.

Luminaires with that sort of Bluetooth radio module can simply be connected to mains voltage and to sensors as well as control and operating elements via Bluetooth. These control components are also only connected to the mains voltage, while the network connections are then done via radio. Hybrid solutions using radio and DALI controls are also possible when you use the BLE DALI hybrid box APCON CDH R165-FWS.

The operating and configuration tool for the luminaires and control components of an APCON EASY BLE network is basically any iOS/Android device such as a smartphone or tablet. The necessary Casambi app is available for free in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

The Casambi app, which is also available in a RIDI design, allows you to easily configure all the luminaires and components. The app is also used for updates via radio, where necessary. In addition, it is possible to design individual user interfaces with added photos of rooms and luminaires so that the lighting can be operated conveniently and clearly via a smartphone or tablet rather than via permanently installed control components.

Beyond simple switching and dimming, or daylight- and motion-dependent lighting control, it is also possible to adjust coloured light such as RGB, RGBW, and Tunable White. In addition, the app can be used to store entire circadian daylight sequences (Human Centric Lighting – HCL).

The individual room solutions are easy to combine and network - like building blocks - to form a project/building solution.

APCON EASY BLE application examples

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