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Refurbishment example Munich Trade Fair Center

Annual electricity savings of around 1.5 million kilowatt hours

Messe München has 18 exhibition halls whose lighting will be completely refurbished over the coming years until the end of 2026. Our new RIDI LINIA continuous lighting system will be used for this and the first 4 halls have already been successfully refurbished. Short conversion times, a long service life and a halving of energy consumption are extremely important for the operator - because once all 18 halls have been equipped with LEDs, the annual electricity savings will total around 1.5 million kilowatt hours (kWh).

Rising energy costs and the ban on fluorescent lamps

Refurbishing lighting systems protects the environment and your wallet in the long term

In addition to rising energy costs and increased environmental awareness, the drive for greater energy efficiency and sustainability is spurring refurbishment activities across the entire building sector. The ban on fluorescent lamps, which came into full effect in August 2023, means that action needs to be taken quickly in every existing installation. However, the investment will soon pay for itself thanks to the energy saved and the lower maintenance costs compared to conventional lighting systems.

Our product recommendations for refurbishment projects

In addition to our RIDI LINIA continuous lighting system, the RIDI Group offers a wide range of luminaires specially designed for refurbishment solutions. And if an existing luminaire does not fit directly, we can usually make uncomplicated modifications and the old lighting can be completely replaced.


SE recessed luminaires for M600/M625 system ceilings with MULTILENS technology
EL luminaire family combines recurring geometries with a wide variety of optical controls in a complete family of recessed and surface-mounted luminaires.
SARA - a refurbishment downlighter in 2 sizes, flat design and three versions, On/Off, DALI and EDS3
FPL, the high quality standard in and on the ceiling
APCON holistic solutions for all applications

New luminaire or suitable conversion kit?

Custom-fit conversion kits are the first choice, especially for complex installation situations

Efficient, sustainable and with its own optical system, the highest level of lighting technology. In addition, installation times are very short with individually adapted conversion kits, as no additional work such as painting, changing the ceiling cut-outs or the feed points is necessary. Existing secondary functions, e.g. the air feed-through for air-conditioning luminaires, can be retained. The requirements of listed buildings or design specifications imposed by the architecture can be met with the appropriate conversion kits. See for yourself the example of a pharmaceutical company in the video: "5 minutes conversion - 100,000 hours of peace and quiet."


5 minutes conversion - 100,000 hours of peace and quiet.

Time saving expert

RIDI Group

Ignite the booster with the RIDI APCON light management system

A modern lighting system always includes an advanced lighting management system to maximize energy efficiency and lighting quality.

The APCON lighting & building control system in combination with the RIDI Group's wide range of lighting solutions enables holistic, coordinated project solutions and precise and individual control of lighting to ensure optimum lighting quality with minimum energy consumption. Thanks to the combination of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions and advanced lighting management solutions, companies can achieve significant savings in energy costs and improve their environmental footprint at the same time.



LINIA-refurbishment gear trays


One-Pager Refurbishment


Refurbishment solutions


MULTILENS - The future of light control


Downlight EDLR-E2 / SARA


Light for Office and education

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