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Product category
Range of application
Mounting method
Ceiling type i
1. Mineral and plasterboard ceilings, wood panelled ceilings
2. Ceilings with concealed T-bars and symmetric mineral fibre and plasterboard tiles
3. Ceilings with concealed T-bars and symmetric metal tiles
4. Ceilings with exposed T-bars and lay-in ledged or grooved ceiling boards
5. Ceilings with concealed support rails and asymmetric mineral fibre board
6. Continuous trim strip ceilings with mineral fibreboard or metal tile ceilings
7. Metal plank systems Luminaire mounting parallel to the planks
8. Recessed luminaires for sports halls for Wilhelmi-type mineral fibre board ceilings
9. Recessed luminaires for sports halls for metal plank ceilings, modular dimension 100 (75 + 25 or 84 + 16)
Luminaire shape
Protection rating
Rated luminous flux
Rated power
Luminaire efficiency
Light output
Light distribution
Radiation pattern
UGR class
Colour temperature
Colour rendering index Ra
Ball proof
Emergency lighting
Your selection: Product category : Spotlights

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The CIRQUA spotlight system combines the art of design with the high demands of state-of-the-art lighting technology in the retail and shop sector


The KARO Spotlight is an all-rounder with a futuristic look. Rotatable through 360° and adjustable through 135° with highly efficient LED lenses


REY, REYA and REYE, aisle zone spotlights for effective and efficient shelf illumination with TIR lens technology as a surface-mounted version


3-circuit lighting track + DALI for pendant and ceiling mounting.


The TINO LED spotlight combines a perfect and functional design with state-of-the-art lighting technology. It can be rotated and adjusted and offers four different beam angles

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