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St. Mark’s Evangelical Church Community Centre), Porz, Cologne

The new community centre building at St. Mark’s Evangelical Church in Porz am Rhein is a sculpturally shaped structure that is especially suitable for music performances and choir rehearsals. For their project, architects Maier + Hollenbeck wanted a lighting solution with two separate light chambers that followed the sloping ceilings and homogeneously illuminated the space between the wooden beams. The variable H-LINE luminaire system immediately impressed with its high degree of flexibility and timeless, classic design. The two separate light chambers for direct and indirect light, flexible lengths and different optical controls offer a vast amount of freedom when it comes to designing the illumination setup in the space. The luminaires are DALI dimmable in the light colour 3000 Kelvin. The compact DLE recessed downlighter makes sure the reception area and corridors are bathed in a pleasant level of illumination.

Stadion An der Alten Försterei, Köpenick

The ‘An der Alten Försterei’ stadium is located in the neighbourhood of Köpenick to the south-east of Berlin, and has been home to 1. FC Union Berlin since its inauguration in 1920. With a current capacity of 22,012 spectators (as of 2019), it is the largest purpose-built football stadium in the capital. 1. FC Union Berlin made it to the first tier of the Bundesliga for the first time in its history in the 2018/2019 season. After the entire grandstand was fitted with conventional RIDI luminaires, the stadium built on its good cooperative relationship with the company in 2019 and decided to equip the ‘Schlosserei’ event area with modern LED lighting. The premises offer space for up to 1,000 guests across an area of 1,300 m2 and provide direct access to the VIP stand. An efficient lighting concept that allowed for the premises to be set to different lighting moods was requested. The sleek RIDI LINIA-FLAT continuous lighting system in combination with spotlights from the TANGO series was the solution supplied to this end. The spotlights are integrated in the lighting track modules of the continuous lighting system and set eye-catching accents. The system is dimmable and features RGB colour control alongside white channels, which facilitates an impressive lighting set-up. The buffet areas are illuminated using the LUPO LED spotlight. Square recessed luminaires from the EBRE series, whose opal acrylic panels were decorated with the club’s logo on request, are used in the press area.

Cumnor House School, Haywards Heath (England)

Cumnor house school is an independant school near Haywards Heath near the South Downs National Park in England. The project involved two new buildings. The nursery/pre-school block was a single storey building made into one large open plan space. Here they used a suspended ceiling grid where we used ARKTIK-LED PS luminaires to provide an efficient yet broad spread of light. EDLR's were also provided for circulation spaces. The room was controlled via a DALI scene setting plate to enable 4 different moods which ranged from rest mode to high energy mode. Light sensors also ensured energy was not wasted. The second building was a modern 2 storey building for the main prep school which featured interesting ceiling details. This was the new science block. Here the main teaching spaces were lit with suspended louvred F-LINE LED luminaires with additional indirect light. In some bulkhead areas, EBRME-R luminaires with matching louvres were used. EDLR's were also used over circulation and core areas as well as WL-R luminaires which were suspended. All luminaires were supplied as DALI and controlled by scene set controllers in each classroom to enable special teaching modes such as projector mode. The light planning was done by PJR Design of Brighton and the architects were George Baxter Associates of Haywards Heath.

Stuttgart-Vaihingen City Library

Thanks to its central location, the Stuttgart-Vaihingen City Library is a meeting place for people of all ages. It works together with other city libraries and the Stuttgart Central Library to provide all its visitors with access to education, culture and a wide range of leisure activities. Spread across three floors, visitors can find a large selection of literature, music and films, as well as computer workstations with Internet access. Even illumination and ambient lighting is provided by a special version of the EBRE9, with a concealing frame designed to cover the existing cut-outs in the ceiling. The lights are fitted with the RIDI-TUBE, an LED lamp designed by RIDI with an innovative fitting/bracket system that can be changed as easily as a conventional fluorescent lamp. All EBRE9 units are dimmable so that their lights can be adjusted to the individual’s needs. For targeted lighting of its countless shelves, the library uses KARO-S LED spotlights. In the children’s library on the ground floor, additional recessed downlighters (EDLR) with plate glass mounts provide suitable lighting. The individual lights and the high-tech LED technology have combined to create a highly effective lighting solution that is tailored perfectly to the requirements of this project.

Bedford Modern School, Bedford (UK)

A new science block at Bedford Modern school to replace the existing building that had been largely unchanged since it was built in 1974. The building consists of a central atrium area for flexible teaching and 17 labs and associated prep rooms. We supplied EBRME DPS fittings, rated IP54 wth twin R-Tube to light the laboratory areas and ELDR and EDLQ downlights to the surrounding circulation areas. Square LF-LEDs and Venice were used surface, recessed and wall mounted in stairwells and in the atrium area.

LRC, Salford City College, Eccles Campus

LINIA LED system was used throughout the new Library Resource Centre at Salford College. The designers were after a clean efficient look coupled with latest technology and within certain cost constraints. The feature of the LINIA-FLAT FS luminaires is the microprism optic which gives an intriguing look while providing very good glare control for the VDT screens. The LINIA-FLAT FS LED modules are also incredibly energy efficient due to the premium grade LED’s used and the efficient optical design of the product. The modules snap fix into the LINIA pre-wired trunking system enabling a very fast and easy installation. The system can be easily adapted and reconfigured in the future due to the plug and play nature of it.

Middlesex University, Middlesex (England)

Installing ARKTIK at Middlesex university has brought a new lease of life to 50 classrooms. 379 ineffective fluorescent fittings were replaced with ARKTIK LED and controls, dramatically reducing the energy consumption while improving lighting levels. “By updating our lighting with ARKTIK-LED we have taken a massive step towards achieving our goal of increasing student satisfaction and reducing on-going running costs and environmental impact” - Mark Norman, Environmental Manager. The impressive 5200 lumen output has allowed Middlesex university to reduce the number of fittings by about a third. This, combined with the luminaire efficacy and controls has led to an overall energy reduction of approximately 70% each year. “Absence detectors ensure than no light is wasted if occupants forget to turn lights off and during daylight hours, we can optimise the natural light available outside instead of wasting energy, as was the case with our previous luminaires which automatically switched on whenever the room was occupied. These energy saving measures were of the upmost importance when choosing the lighting design.“ concluded Norman.

Schatzkiste daycare centre, Illingen

The single storey, angular kindergarten in a timber frame constructed building offers over 700 square metres for two kindergartens and two infant groups, and is partially equipped with flexible room dividers to permit as many different uses as possible. The colour scheme of the facade in gold/brown tones conjures up associations with a treasure trove, and the colour concept continues in the interior in the shade luminaires. The Maxi shade luminaires (li:fy brand) in various shapes and colours, as both pendant and ceiling-mounted solutions, lend the group rooms, corridors and cloakrooms a cosy character. Despite the differences, they create a very uniform effect due to the similar upholstery fabric. Functional and plain, the semi-circular RK-LED damp-proof luminaire is used in the gym and sports room and in the corridor. In the kitchen area, LFN-T16-R LED damp-proof luminaire is used. Both luminaire types are fitted with opal diffusors for a homogeneous light free of glare and shadows. The sanitary areas have been equipped with recessed downlights.

University for the Creative Arts, Farnham (England)

The UCA in Farnham looks back on a long and colourful history as a hub of creativity. To show off the impressive output of its graduates, the University has undertaken a program of renovation to provide a fitting backdrop for exhibiting their work. The corridor which serves as a changing exhibition surface for students used to be dominated by dark wooden ceilings lit by a handful of spots. The newly plastered white panel ceilings of the corridors required a new lighting concept. The custom produced U-LINE-MINI now makes a valuable addition to the perspective of the long corridor, bathing it in a soft diffuse light. A series of spots have also been used for directed lighting to show off the exhibited works to best effect. The luminaires are connected to the network, allowing optimum illumination of the exhibition surface to accommodate changing exhibits by individual dimming of specific spots using the lighting control system. Flexibility was an important criterion in the lighting design, as the room has to be used not just as a corridor but also a gallery.

Landtag Brandenburg, Potsdam

In 2011, work started on the planning and construction of a new parliament building according to plans by architect Peter Kulka. The design was based on the Potsdam City Palace which was partially destroyed by fire in 1945 and fully demolished in 1959. Historic on the outside, modern on the inside: in keeping with this guiding principle, the finished building boasts a traditional facade alongside a highly contemporary working interior. The only internal room reconstructed in line with its original geometry was the “historic staircase”. As in the building’s facade, in some cases original features rescued from the building were used. The cupola lighting is exclusively indirect, and is generated by using precise optical controls to create completely homogenous illumination. Even the safety lighting requirements are fulfilled exclusively using indirect light in this part of the building. The successful blend of conventional luminaires with ultra-modern LED technology has created an overall package which in many areas even exceeds the stringent demands made on sustainability and efficiency.

Invicta Grammar School, Maidstone (England)

The Izatt building was added to the school as a new purpose-built facility to provide new classrooms and a library. The special project team at Spectral used the RIDI Lightings H-LINE system and Spectral’s Iris fittings throughout the new space to create a light, bright learning environment for the students. Delivered to site as a ready to install special product, LED modules were fitted and wired with preinstalled sensors and emergency lighting. The modules were fitted for direct and indirect lighting with micro-prismatic diffusers used for the direct light. In certain areas, versions included track modules so that multi-point KARO LED spotlights could be fitted. Spectral’s Iris fitting was also used on lower ceiling heights for the library.

University of Surrey, Guildford (England)

The new 5G Building on the campus of Surrey University is a major international development centre dedicated to the next all new mobile phone network – 5G. The main product used through the building is the slimline microprism controlled F-LINE luminaires which provides subtle direct/indirect lighting. The flat design integrates nicely with the suspended acoustic panels.

University Of Bath, Bath (England)

Bath University have a long standing reputation for using good quality energy efficient lighting throughout their campus and were early adopters on the LED revolution. The University is known to have the single largest DALI installation in the UK which is all controlled via an IP based controller. Clearly working with such an advanced system means that energy efficient quality products are a must. RIDI has worked closely with the Estates Department for many years and has been able to offer a wide variety of solutions for refurbish and new build. The main library project has seen a significant enhancement to the quality of the building whilst halving its energy consumption.

Pinewood School, Fleet, Hampshire (England)

Pinewood School was the first of a phase of new school designs which featured energy efficient lighting as well as other new standards in energy efficiency. Hampshire County Council adopted this design across several more schools. The results were schools that were pleasing environments to learn in. Specially adapted lighting controls were used to provide ultimate comfort.

Jennie Lee Building, Milton Keynes (England)

The Open University ‚Jennie Lee‘ building was built as a world class facility for research and learning and was named after one of the founding members of the University. The main offices and spaces were lit with RIDI‘s ALI product to provide a neutral look with a good balance of lighting. The core areas became a feature of the building and LF opal luminaires were used as linear blocks running down the building to highlight the routes through. Spotlights were then integrated onto the structural columns to highlight these as a feature of the building.

Hilde-Domin-Schule, Herrenberg

During work to modernize the Home Economics and Agricultural School in Herrenberg, the existing luminaire design was retained. The ALE luminaires for conventional lamps were replaced by LED variants using RIDI-TUBE. The classrooms, electrical workshop, library and music room are now bathed in efficient LED light. The ALE is a direct-beam luminaire in an elliptical design which can be mounted in the school building either using wire pendants or directly on the ceiling. The use of variable constructs allows each room to be individually lit for optimum effect. In the workshop, the variable continuous lighting system VLG-F provides optimum lighting conditions. Individual daylight and presence sensors help make this a highly economical solution.

Calthorpe Park School, Fleet, Hampshire (England)

The new extension to the original 1970‘s Calthorpe Park School was designed in-house by architectural services department at Hampshire County Council and is the first concept of a potential roll-out for secondary school refurbishments. The refurbishment also incorporated some older parts of the school as well. Designed using state of the art construction methods and natural ventilation, the challenge was to supply a lighting system to the main teaching spaces that would integrate with the acoustic baffles yet be a fast fix stand alone system. Here a special version of Venice was designed which featured two extrusions per run with three LED downward elements and then uplight was produced by just two low power LED strips mounted within the top channel. All sensors were pre-installed meaning that products arrived on site pre-assembled and ready to go and ready to connect into a full lighting control system. In other areas of the project the prismatic theme was carried through to using 600x600 LED luminaires in areas with suspended ceilings. The original main hall featured HRL-LED hi-bays and then as a contrast, EDLQ‘s were used with opal diffusers in circulation areas.

LebensPhasenHaus, Tübingen

The „LebensPhasenHaus“ constructed in Tübingen‘s Rosenau district is a building designed to serve the purposes of research and demonstration: It allows the use of both technical assistance systems and associated services to be tested, validated and demonstrated as well as experienced hands-on. The aim of the project is to examine how technical and social innovations can enable the elderly and those in need of care to live for longer in their own homes. Given responsibility for providing energy-efficient LED lighting the house, RIDI mounted light fittings with lighting control systems (with facility for regulation from cold to warm white) in the living room, bathroom and kitchen. These can be controlled for optimum adjustment to the living patterns of the occupants with colour temperatures of between 3000 and 6500 Kelvin.

Culture & Sports Hall, Breitnau

The town of Breitnau is located closed to Lake Titisee in the Black Forest. This popular holiday destination has 1,950 inhabitants. The existing Spa Centre which was technically outdated and lacked sufficient space had to give way to a new culture and sports hall offering capacity for up to 430 people with a useful area of 410 square metres. During the construction, particular importance was attached to energy efficiency to comply with the Breitnau district’s ambitious environmental policy. The hall is fitted with ballproof SHL luminaires with dimmable electronic ballasts and DALI interfaces for integration in the DALI light control system. The luminaire housings were painted in a RAL shade specified by the customer to ensure seamless integration in to the building’s interior architecture.

Police shooting range and dog handling unit, Tübingen

The new centre for the police dog handling unit, shooting range and operations training is a generously dimensioned, ultra-modern building accommodating not only the shooting range but also rooms for operations training, tutorial rooms, offices, a ballistics laboratory, common rooms and, in an ancillary building, dog pens. The lighting system is designed to be in keeping with the contemporary design of the traffic areas in exposed concrete: Copious light battens running in recesses in the ceiling create cohesive lighting lines and blend perfectly with the purist architecture. In the training rooms, a decision was taken to install classical surface-mounted louvre luminaires type ABRFB in a continuous arrangement without space between the luminaires.

Gluckerschule, Kornwestheim

State-accredited vocational college for training sports and gymnastics instructors. The Gluckerschule is a renowned vocational college in Kornwestheim, which has been training young people to become state-accredited sports and gymnastics instructors for almost 100 years. The school building directly next to the stadium encompasses seminar rooms, a library, work and reading rooms, and a common room, the cafeteria and administration suite. The ultra-low profile F-LINE pendant luminaire with direct and indirect lighting component is used as a contemporary all-round solution for the seminar rooms and administration suite. The indirect lighting component ensures a pleasantly bright ceiling. The wall washer of the F-LINE is ideally suited for blackboard illumination. Accentuated light from TANGO spots positioned variably along lighting tracks is used for spot illumination as required.

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