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barth Spedition GmbH, Hechingen

The barth logistics group is a medium-sized freight-forwarding and logistics company that has enjoyed continuous economic success for over 70 years thanks to the development of its logistics products. In addition to its main location in Burladingen, the company opened its new freight-forwarding hub in Hechingen, which boasts a handling hall, petrol station, lorry service bay and office building, as well as 50 loading gates in the freight-forwarding terminal, in September 2021. The design of the facility focused on sustainable construction right from the planning stage. RIDI Leuchten GmbH developed a lighting concept to match this focus. We can offer attractive terms to customers for larger projects thanks to the RIDI GROUP 360° portfolio, which allows us to provide customers with multiple product and service modules – and thus an overall solution that is precisely tailored to their requirements. The large-scale warehouses are illuminated by the RIDI LINIA-FLAT continuous lighting system, which is implemented here in a special solution with the light colour 857, and is intelligently controlled and networked by APCON light control components. The IRL industrial tubular luminaire is used in the lorry workshop as well as in the wash bay. It resists external influences thanks to its robust material and high protection rating. Two high-quality and functional luminaires in the form of the Dome-S floor-standing luminaire and the S36 profile from Spectral meet the high requirements the open-plan offices demand. What makes the Dome-S floor-standing luminaire so special is its integrated SWARM sensor, which ensures networked lighting between workstations. When one of the floor-standing luminaires is switched on, the surrounding luminaires remain on at a low level, thus avoiding islands of light that tire the eye (light-dark adaptation). In the kitchen and communal areas, the Maxi pendant luminaire from li:fy sets eye-catching colour accents and provides a pleasant level of illumination. The luminaires are attached to lighting tracks, making them flexible and quick to arrange. The versatile and efficient RUFO wall luminaire, equipped with a radar sensor, illuminates the staircase. Recessed channels (MINIVOUTE) run through the traffic routes and connect the different areas in the building. In the entrance area, the surface-mounted INTIS downlighter from our outdoor lighting partner ARCLUCE is used to light the way for customers and staff in the reception area.

thyssenkrupp, Ilsenburg

thyssenkrupp is a diversified industrial group with around 162,000 employees on all continents. Our business operations are organised in five business areas: Plant Technology, Automotive Technology, Material Services, Elevator Technology and Steel Europe. Nearly a third of the total number of people who are employed in the camshaft sector worldwide work at one of our two factories in Ilsenburg. Eleven million units are produced annually in Ilsenburg, making it the world’s number one location for camshaft production. The large production halls in Ilsenburg are illuminated by industrial RLS1-LED hibay luminaires. These robust luminaires with lenses made from real glass and protection rating IP65 were destined for industrial use. In addition to their high light yield, they also have an appealing and compact design.

LEONI Kabel GmbH, Roth

LEONI is a global provider of products, solutions and services for energy and data management in the automotive sector and other industries. The value chain encompasses wires, optical fibers, standardised cables, special cables and assembled systems as well as intelligent products and smart services. RIDI Leuchten supplied the light strips with LED LINIA-FLAT gear trays for the new ‘Fabrik der Zukunft’ building complex in Roth which covers a total area of 50,000 square metres. These light strips now illuminate the large-scale production area and warehouse. Durable PFZO series hostile environment luminaires are used in the plant rooms. The LED version of these luminaires is particularly efficient and sustainable in operation. Square and rectangular design FPL flat recessed luminaires, which ensure uniform lighting and a pleasant lighting effect, are used in the office areas, corridors and communal areas.

Schwelhalle, Balingen

The Schwelhalle (carbonisation hall) located in the Frommern district of the German town of Balingen looks back on a long history. The hall was originally built to serve as a site where slate was carbonised in ovens to derive oil. Alongside fuel, heating oil, bitumen, paraffin, synthetic resin, paints and lacquers were produced here until 1949. After that time, the hall served as a production or storage hall for various companies. In 2017, the advertising agency Atelier Türke, based in the Weilstetten district of Balingen, breathed new life into this old brick building. A striking glass cube constructed in the centre of the hall serves as a location for company events, workshops and similar. The hall has an floor space of 1,065 m² and a 17 m ceiling; the glass cube has a floor space of 208 m² and a height of 3.60 m. The black RIDI LINIA LED lighting system is the perfect match for the lacquered-black supports of the glass cube. Its pared-down, sleek design complements the cube’s minimalist architecture and makes it easy to gaze out into the hall from within. A diffuser made of PMMA with a satin finish serves as an optical controller, providing diffuse light distribution with a slight indirect component. Since they are equipped with RIDI Smart Control and a Tunable White function, the luminaires can be controlled via tablet: Users can easily carry out smooth dimming and control the colour temperature (within a range of 2700 to 6500 Kelvin) through an app.

4 Roger Street, London

General Cat A fitout in central London designed by Jonathan Hart Associates in Surrey. Client wanted a simple lighting scheme to work with the exposed metal services. Individual 1500mm H-LINE LED luminaires were selected. To give the correct lighting balance, 1500mm LED modules combined with an opal diffuser was used for the direct lighting. The indirect lighting was done with a 1200mm open area lensed module.

Stammherr GmbH Druckweiterverarbeitung, Waiblingen

Stammherr in Waiblingen is one of the region's most innovative folding specialists, offering numerous possibilities for processing printed products on a space of 1.100 square metres in total. To provide optimum illumination in the large production hall, the company opted for the flexible RIDI LINIA-FLAT luminous beam system. Linear lenses for wide-angled light dispersion and the transverse prismatic disk made of PMMA that reduces glare in the longitudinal direction guarantee optimum lighting conditions at the individual working areas. No additional reflectors are required to control the light, thus enabling an extremely flat and slim configuration. A clear sheet can also be pushed in for easy removal of dirt deposits on the underside. Planning: INNOBLICK GmbH & Co KG

Ring-Textilservice, Waiblingen

Ring-Textilservice GmbH is a one-stop-shop for textiles and professional clothing in the areas of industry and trades, healthcare and the hotel and gastronomy sectors with a portfolio ranging from requirements analysis all the way to logistics. The laundry facility in Waiblingen-Hohenacker washes an average of 40 tons of laundry per day. Ensuring optimum illumination in the individual large halls called for a professional lighting solution: RIDI LINIA-FLAT with the VLG-FS equipment carrier. Linear lenses for wide-angled light dispersion and the transverse prismatic disk made of PMMA that reduces glare in the longitudinal direction guarantee optimum lighting conditions at the individual working areas. No additional reflectors are required to control the light, thus enabling an extremely flat and slim configuration. A clear sheet can also be pushed in for easy removal of dirt deposits on the underside. Planning: INNOBLICK GmbH & Co KG

GABLER Immobilienverwaltung GmbH & Co KG

Gabler Immobilienverwaltung in Schorndorf provides storage in several large halls for forwarding agencies and other companies. A variety of goods can be stored, managed and processed at a location spanning over 10,000 square metres. Due to the long cooling period of the metal halide lamps, the existing conventional lighting reacted too slowly to meet the demands of the customer in terms of the lamps switching on and off. It is for this reason that a modern and energy-efficient LED solution should be employed. The extremely flat and slim design of the RIDI LINIA FLAT light band with the VLG-FS device carrier makes this an impressive lighting solution. The integrated linear optics and additional prismatic disc provide optimal, anti-glare light distribution. It is in combination with intelligent light guidance and the combination sensors, which detect physical brightness and presence, that light only shines in the halls if someone is present in the area and if daylight does not provide sufficient lighting. An optimal lighting solution can be achieved by retrofitting the LED lighting system in conjunction with a light guidance system in the halls. Such an upgrade will provide energy savings in the range of approx. 75-85%. Planning: INNOBLICK GmbH & Co KG

Feuerwehrhaus, Eisingen

The new fire station in Eisingen is a highly-modern and future-facing functional building that meets all the requirements of a modern voluntary fire brigade and offers the best structural prerequisites for the fulfilment of its demanding tasks. The numerous rooms, all used for different purposes, called for an optimally matched illumination concept based on the latest LED technology. Luminaire models featuring various fastening options were chosen to create a uniform image. The F-LINE was installed on the ceiling in the control centre, where height is restricted. In the seminar and common rooms, which have high ceilings and slightly sloping roofs, they are used as pendant luminaires with indirect light. The same goes for the RIDI LINIA-FLAT light band: Suspended at optimal height in the vehicle hall, mounted directly on the ceiling in the workroom. The corridor area of the vehicle hall is illuminated by WL damp-proof luminaires with semi-circular cross section. In the changing room and kitchen, the robust, narrow LFN-T16-R damp-proof luminaires are used. With opal diffusors, they provide a pleasant diffused light. The staircase and the long corridor are graced by the transparent Iris (Spectral) ring luminaire as a wall-mounted and pendant solution, which was able to be colour-coordinated using inlaid foils (accessory).

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