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barth Spedition GmbH, Hechingen

The barth logistics group is a medium-sized freight-forwarding and logistics company that has enjoyed continuous economic success for over 70 years thanks to the development of its logistics products. In addition to its main location in Burladingen, the company opened its new freight-forwarding hub in Hechingen, which boasts a handling hall, petrol station, lorry service bay and office building, as well as 50 loading gates in the freight-forwarding terminal, in September 2021. The design of the facility focused on sustainable construction right from the planning stage. RIDI Leuchten GmbH developed a lighting concept to match this focus. We can offer attractive terms to customers for larger projects thanks to the RIDI GROUP 360° portfolio, which allows us to provide customers with multiple product and service modules – and thus an overall solution that is precisely tailored to their requirements. The large-scale warehouses are illuminated by the RIDI LINIA-FLAT continuous lighting system, which is implemented here in a special solution with the light colour 857, and is intelligently controlled and networked by APCON light control components. The IRL industrial tubular luminaire is used in the lorry workshop as well as in the wash bay. It resists external influences thanks to its robust material and high protection rating. Two high-quality and functional luminaires in the form of the Dome-S floor-standing luminaire and the S36 profile from Spectral meet the high requirements the open-plan offices demand. What makes the Dome-S floor-standing luminaire so special is its integrated SWARM sensor, which ensures networked lighting between workstations. When one of the floor-standing luminaires is switched on, the surrounding luminaires remain on at a low level, thus avoiding islands of light that tire the eye (light-dark adaptation). In the kitchen and communal areas, the Maxi pendant luminaire from li:fy sets eye-catching colour accents and provides a pleasant level of illumination. The luminaires are attached to lighting tracks, making them flexible and quick to arrange. The versatile and efficient RUFO wall luminaire, equipped with a radar sensor, illuminates the staircase. Recessed channels (MINIVOUTE) run through the traffic routes and connect the different areas in the building. In the entrance area, the surface-mounted INTIS downlighter from our outdoor lighting partner ARCLUCE is used to light the way for customers and staff in the reception area.

Product Madness, London

Product Madness, an award winning developer of social and mobile games, have occupied the 6th Floor of the listed 1 Finsbury Avenue building in the heart of London’s financial centre. They have turned the category A space, with the help of contractors Oktra, into an imaginative workspace comprising of 24 differentiated work zones and fulfilled their brief of delivering Passion, Creativity and Collaboration. All this in a traditional area of the City of London normally occupied by financial institutions. In 2019 the Category A fit-out of the entire building was lit with the RIDI LINIA system which is a product used for both industrial and commercial buildings. Supplied in black finish, the product looked both modern and technical for what is a completely stripped back exposed services space. The LINIA system was supplied with the MPS low-glare luminaire for office compliance and has an exceptional efficiency. RIDI supplied over 6000 luminaires onto its proprietary pre-wired trunking system. The system also fed the centrepiece atrium lighting that consisted of over 200 Spectral Finy’s to create a pixel effect at high level. LINIA came into its own for the various office Cat B fitouts, including Product Madness, due to its sheer flexibility. The luminaire modules are easily demounted and can be repositioned anywhere along the trunking with tool-less simplicity. Clearly feature and decorative lighting was introduced to the various areas in all fit-other areas but they all worked around the core LINIA product which proved to be the mainstay lighting for the working zones. LINIA also had the advantage in that it could also be used to power additional feature and decorative products – not just from RIDI Group. LINIA is a perfect product for Category A schemes and the finished results from Product Madness show just how effective the product line is.

Atelier Türke, Balingen

Atelier Türke has been helping companies build and manage their brand since 1978 and provides their customers with a personalised team made up of specialists in trade fair stand design, advertisement and digital and live communication. The new building offers plenty of room to develop creative ideas with 850 square metres of open space, for which RIDI Leuchten GmbH provided the perfect lighting concept. Thanks to its versatile application possibilities as a single luminaire and construct, H-LINE guides you through the entire building and ensures the perfect illumination for each individual workspace. The luminaires were manufactured in the special light colour 940 for high colour rendering. Two separate light chambers for direct and indirect light provide an infinite number of variations and a pleasant level of illumination. The CIRQUA spotlights integrated into the luminaire system provide emphasis. The EDLQ series recessed downlighters fit in perfectly with the modern architecture. The reception area has three Spectral brand pendant luminaires (Stora-LK).

3iMedia GmbH, Karlsruhe

Information and telecommunications technology solutions provider 3iMedia has been creating the foundations for communication services in the areas of telephony, network and software since 1995, and offers its customers consultation, planning, implementation and support from a single source. The F-EDGE pendant luminaires ensure a glare-free light that is comfortable on the eyes in the new office spaces in Karlsruhe, Germany. With their indirect component, the high-quality luminaires provide an even and homogenous illumination and create a comfortable working environment. Spectral’s Norea impresses as ceiling and wall luminaires in the entrance area thanks to their clean look.

Bergfreunde GmbH, Kirchentellinsfurt, Germany

Since it was founded in 2006, Bergfreunde.de has grown into one of Europe’s leading online mountaineering retailers. It now employs over 320 members of staff, who work to provide the best possible shopping experience for mountaineering and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Bergfreunde management headquarters are located in the loft of a former textile factory in Kirchentellinsfurt, where the individual workstations are illuminated by the RIDI LINIA-FLAT continuous lighting system with VLG-LENSES gear tray. The lens array of LENSES provides a user-oriented and glare-free working environment and uses an indirect component to ensure a pleasant level of lighting. The KARO-S LED spotlight was chosen to emphasise features on the floor and walls and is integrated into the continuous lighting system. In the meeting rooms, Spectral’s high-quality Iris LED lights create a pleasantly illuminated working environment. The energy-efficient luminaires come in two different sizes and provide an glimpse into the technology inside thanks to the transparent housing, and the prismatic cover ensures maximum visual comfort.

itdesign Tübingen

itdesign GmbH provides software solutions for customer relationship management and project portfolio management. Established in 1999, the company is one of the most well-respected partners of groups and medium-sized companies in terms of implementing their individual vision of a customer-centred corporate strategy. The company’s head office in Tübingen, a striking building on the edge of the historic city centre, has room for modern workspaces as well as for large and small training courses. Here, dimmable LENSES-S floor-standing luminaires ensure a user-oriented and glare-free working environment and a pleasant lighting level in the space thanks to their indirect component. The individual illumination level for each luminaire is set using the flush touch panel and/or the built-in sensors. This automatically controls the light level as the ambient light changes throughout the day. The convenient built-in USB port can be used to charge a tablet or smartphone.

LEONI Kabel GmbH, Roth

LEONI is a global provider of products, solutions and services for energy and data management in the automotive sector and other industries. The value chain encompasses wires, optical fibers, standardised cables, special cables and assembled systems as well as intelligent products and smart services. RIDI Leuchten supplied the light strips with LED LINIA-FLAT gear trays for the new ‘Fabrik der Zukunft’ building complex in Roth which covers a total area of 50,000 square metres. These light strips now illuminate the large-scale production area and warehouse. Durable PFZO series hostile environment luminaires are used in the plant rooms. The LED version of these luminaires is particularly efficient and sustainable in operation. Square and rectangular design FPL flat recessed luminaires, which ensure uniform lighting and a pleasant lighting effect, are used in the office areas, corridors and communal areas.

REIFF, Hechingen

The trading company REIFF Reifen und Autotechnik, made up of the specialist trade, discount, e-commerce and wholesale sales units, is one of the most important tyre dealers in Germany. The office and reception area at the Hechingen site was equipped with new LED pendant luminaries from the LENSES range. The lens array of the luminaries facilitates user-oriented and glare-free work on monitors, while additional indirect lighting ensures a consistent lighting level in the workplace. The low-profile LED luminaire combines effective lighting with a modern design, and thus offers an optimal lighting solution in rooms that are also frequented by customers.

Pippbrook House (Mole Valley District Council), Dorking (UK)

The refurbishment of the Pippbrook house offices for Mole Valley District Council took place over the period of a year. Throughout the project the building remained in use and the installation happened over approximately seven phases with staff being relocated into other sections of the building. The existing building was lit by a combination of 400W high pressure sodium uplighter mounted on desks, a mix of floor standing uplighter brought in over the years by the council and some pendant fittings of unknown origin! The refurbishment meant a complete replacement of the ceiling throughout. A 500x500 tile was chosen by the Architects and so we produced a special version of the Arkitk-PSi to fit. Throughout the space there are light wells - we supplied square and octagonal U-Line based constructions to fit around the perimeter of these , suspended just below the ceiling line. In addition there are two areas with large octagonal pitched ceilings, and again we supplied U-Line based systems to match the proportions of the space. The largest of which had an octogon with 4.5m long sides. In each case the U-Line constructions were made from completely standard parts. The result is that light does not flow right into the corners of the shapes, but the budget did not support the additional cost that a bespoke mitred product would have required. In the council chambers a single 8m diameter H-Profil system was used combining 21 x adjustable wide angle downlights and 12 uplight units. DALI control allowed us to customise the lighting scenes to their requirements. The whole building is controlled by a 24 circuit Control 3 system combining DALI multi sensors in the ceilings and also integrated into the U-Line constructions. Scene setting in meeting rooms and council chambers from scene plates and integration over TCP/IP with the AV systems.

Rivington Street Studio, London

Rivington street studio are an award winning architectural practice who are at the forefront of new construction and sustainable technologies. Having worked with RIDI Group on a number of education projects, they approached Spectral when creating their new offices. Working in conjunction with the practice, Spectral were able to offer assistance with calculations to confirm the client’s designs worked from a lighting perspective. Keen to keep a clean look, VENICE, from the RIDI range was used with a special angled corner joint that maintained a complete continuity of light. In addition uplight was added to the product to soften the contrast by illuminating the concrete ceiling. A clean white opal direct light diffuser was deliberately chosen without distracting louvre of lens details. Stora-LK rings were chosen throughout to complement the linear VENICE. In both cases, all the control gear for the modular, replaceable LED boards is within the body of the fittings for a clean uncluttered look. In the case of the 1.5m diameter Stora-LK rings, the luminaires were delivered to site in wooden crates as a single complete product with suspension wires and power cables pre-fitted for a simple installation.

Eagle House, London

An ambitious project carried out in Holborn district of London where the original 5 storey building was refurbished to create a 6 storey scheme without increasing the overall height of the building. This led to creative demands on the lighting scheme as the ceilings on each floor were now being finished off without any real voids to work with. HUT Architects together with Energy Lab Building Services were assisted by our RIDI Group team to come up with a creative design which met the technical brief but also offered a modern look. One of the key luminaires used in the design was the ARKTIK-BA and BE utilising RIDI’s latest RIDI-TUBE 360 LED engine. The new tube creates a 2/3 down 1/3 up distribution which makes it perfect where low ceilings are being worked with. A clear version of the RIDI-TUBE was used to create a visual interest along the diffuser sides. The main optical control is via a microprism on the underside. Many of the floors are different and some floors utilised the Spectral Blade acoustic baffle system – also using microprism diffusers. Running down the spine of most of the floors, the slim and shallow U-LINE MINI LED was recessed into the dropped central bulkhead to create a further visual interest in the space. The main centrepiece in the reception was a giant 3m long ARKTIK LED cube made by Spectral to tie in the theme of opalescent materials used throughout the site. Other products used on the site are Spectral LBK and Aoca as well as RIDI emergency units used throughout.

100 Grays Inn Road, London

Project designed and installed by Broadfield Builders together with AGAP Architects. VENICE-LED was selected for this Cat A office fitout to give a clean and modern look to the spaces on the 1st and 2nd floors. The VENICE system was recessed into a plasterboard ceiling and was supplied with a low glare microprism diffuser suitable for office use. The ideal thing about VENICE is the versatility in the wiring if the occupied space becomes partitioned up. The integral wireways in VENICE mean that the plug & play LED light modules and diffusers can be simply removed and repositioned without any rewiring or reworking of the system.

Newscorp International, London

The new corporate building for News International was creatively lit in different zones to reflect the various tasks and to help delineate these areas. For more relaxing breakout work spaces, Paul Nulty Lighting Design chose suspended ARKTIK as a crisp and clear light source to be suspended in between the baffled ceiling. The frosted materials used in ARKTIK enable the whole luminaire to glow in a soft diffuse way while the underside has a microprism diffuser offering glare control and further visual interest. The ARKTIK-BE luminaires were supplied with RIDI-TUBE 360 as the main LED engine which also enabled a better spread of light within the ARKTIK body while also providing the energy efficiency demanded on the project. In other corporate areas, the Spectral Blade system was used with a series of multi-coloured acoustic baffles. Photos: David Churchill

Guildford Council, Borough of Guildford (England)

Guildford Borough Council’s 30 year old office is a facility for public, staff councillors and visitors and its function has changed from a 9-5 facility to one that operates 24x7 in some departments. This change has led the council to manage its energy usage in a different way and they needed to find replacement for the existing fluorescent lighting installation. “We have worked with RIDI to install its ARKTIK-LED fittings throughout the entire project” says the Council’s Office Services Manager, Kevin Handley. “With fewer fittings required with LED, we made savings on the capital cost, however, the biggest benefit is the on-going energy savings that the LED switchover makes, as well as the reduction in maintenance.” The LED luminaires produce a wider distribution of light than louvred fluorescent, which achieves the required lux levels for work zones from approximately 30% fewer fittings. Each luminaire in the new arrangement has also be set to work at just 70% of its capacity – approximately 20W-30W compared the old 80W fittings - rendering significant energy savings. Other areas of the project saw the use of F-LINE and Spectral Jep's used in the original older civic building. The final part of the refurbisment saw the new staff restaurant fitted out with li:fy Maxi pendants as well as small Spectral Pergament downlighters.

1-3 Pemberton Row, London (England)

The offices at 1-3 Pemberton Row underwent a significant refurbishment to create a more modern, comfortable office, with the owners requiring a contemporary lighting design to reflect the new environment. “The 1-3 Pemberton Row project is a fantastic example of a modern lighting system in an office environment,” says Colin Maddox of Michael Jones & Associates LLP. “We specified RIDI’s ARKTIK luminaire because we knew it was a reliable product that produces a high quality of light and that we could rely on RIDI to provide a fantastic after-sales service. Crucially, RIDI were able to deliver all the products we needed in a short time frame, and resolve any minor issues that arose. The lighting control system works fantastically well and allows employees to create their own lit environment, which has led to very high levels of satisfaction amongst the staff. The client is delighted with the results.”

BW Papersystems, Nürtingen

Openly designed workplaces and open-plan offices define the interior at BW Papersystems in Nürtingen. However, this room layout does increase the noise level, and this can have a detrimental effect on the human psyche. The answer comes in the form of "Silentium Raumakustik" innovative sound insulation solutions, which harmonise perfectly with the modern working world and create a pleasant spatial impression with their natural surfaces. The SPADA floor lamps are equally adaptive: They are versatile and offer optimal workplace illumination that meets every requirement. Their motion and light sensor, which is integrated into the luminaire head, detects the presence of people. The light switches on automatically and controls the light intensity as required. The integrated sensors and not least the modern LED technology make SPADA a highly efficient and sustainable light instrument. The SPADA casts glare-free light at the workplace through its microprism cover, and the high indirect emission makes it very easy on the eye.

Two New Ludgate, London (England)

When lighting designers, Speirs + Major wanted a luminaire to match the chrome reception desk at the new office development on Ludgate Hill, London, RIDI were able to take the H-LINE-MINI and customise it with a special chromium finish. The resulting direct-indirect luminaire was simply stunning.

The Woolyard, London (England)

The Woolyard project was a redevelopment of an old Victorian wool storage warehouse into modern office facilities. The project involved a refurbishment of the original building along with an additional modern extension. The developer, Great Portland Estates, required a lighting scheme that could unify both buildings. The SQL direct/indirect luminaire was versatile enough to be used in various offices and provided a modern yet engineered sturdy look.

Carpus+Partner AG, Aachen

A variety of RIDI luminaires are used in the new building at the Aachen location. In the corridors, recreation rooms and open-plan offices, backlit ceiling sails provide pleasant glare-free background lighting produced by top-mounted VLF battens. The recessed lighting channel VENICE-E ensures even illumination of the file shelving. High-powered EBDQ downlighters provide a pleasant atmosphere in the entrance area. Side and ancillary rooms are lit by functional, durable luminaires such as PFAG and LF-T16.

Dentist surgery Dr. Oberle, Oppenau

In the reception area of the Dr. Oberle dentist surgery and also in the corridors, some of them lengthy, EBDR recessed downlighters with a large diameter have been installed throughout. The opal cover guarantees optimum illumination of traffic areas. Above the workstation in the reception area and in the treatment rooms are recessed luminaires positioned strategically in the ceiling to provide light precisely over the workplace. Here too, a homogenous light distribution is achieved with the opal luminaire cover, and easy cleaning is guaranteed.

Endress+Hauser, Gerlingen

Endress+Hauser is a global leader in the field of measuring devices, services and solutions for industrial process engineering. At the company's headquarters in Gerlingen near Stuttgart, a new building has been constructed to house the production and administration. The ultra low-profile pendant luminaires F-LINE with direct and indirect lighting component have been used in the generously dimensioned offices in order to guarantee pleasant, even illumination of the workplace and to brighten the ceiling. In the labs, RIDI LINIA DECO battens have been installed with mirror reflectors. Variable continuous pendant lighting systems with reflectors to suit the specific requirements were used as a solution for the production halls.

Police shooting range and dog handling unit, Tübingen

The new centre for the police dog handling unit, shooting range and operations training is a generously dimensioned, ultra-modern building accommodating not only the shooting range but also rooms for operations training, tutorial rooms, offices, a ballistics laboratory, common rooms and, in an ancillary building, dog pens. The lighting system is designed to be in keeping with the contemporary design of the traffic areas in exposed concrete: Copious light battens running in recesses in the ceiling create cohesive lighting lines and blend perfectly with the purist architecture. In the training rooms, a decision was taken to install classical surface-mounted louvre luminaires type ABRFB in a continuous arrangement without space between the luminaires.

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