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Intersport Rebi Albstadt

Intersport Rebi, founded in 1941 in Bitz, is one of the oldest sports shops in southern Germany. The company offers a varied selection of sports and leisure articles on two floors, which are divided into different areas. The RIDI LINIA continuous-row lighting system is used to illuminate the walkways, while the CIRQUA spotlight was specially developed to illuminate the products. The VLDF-F LED strip is used in the extensive bicycle department on the ground floor, including the workshop. Switching from conventional luminaires to an LED solution will save more than half of the electricity costs in future.

Hessen-Center, Frankfurt

The Hessen-Center Frankfurt is a shopping and communication centre where almost 1,000 employees ensure the well-being of visitors every day. Located in the east of Frankfurt, the three-storey centre comprises around 115 shops on a sales area of approx. 39,000 square metres. As part of the extensive modernisation of the mall, a visual highlight was sought to break up the atrium areas. The customised spherical luminaires from li:fy hang at different heights as eye-catchers in the airspace of the atrium. The filigree thread covering was designed in different colours according to the specifications of the centre management. A fire-retardant design with a maximum weight of 10-15 kilograms was required for the luminaires. The gold-coloured table lamps are also custom-made. Permanently installed and protected from contact with the electrical components, the luminaires create an additional decorative element in the quiet zones and at the centre's information counter.

Gartencenter Pflanzen-Kölle, Unterhaching

With more than 200 years of success to look back on, Pflanzen-Kölle is a testament to adaptability and the ability to innovate. Over these two centuries, the family business developed from the original landscape and market gardener in Ulm into today’s full-experience garden centre with 13 locations and two of its own nurseries in Germany. RIDI Leuchten GmbH developed a suitable lighting concept for the garden centre in Unterhaching in addition to the branches in Berlin and Munich. The universally applicable BRITT light panel is used in many parts of the garden centre and offers particularly large-scale and homogenous illumination with its three-row lens arrays. The version on the lighting track can also be rotated by 90° and is especially useful in the retail sector. The TINO LED spotlight integrated into the track provides accentuated lighting. The modern LED spotlight impresses with its compact design and be individually adjusted thanks to a swivel-and-tilt fixture. The cooler outdoor areas are illuminated by the RIDI LINIA-FLAT continuous lighting system with VLG-FZ gear tray. The optical control is directed via lens arrays made of UV-stabilised PMMA. Equipped with modern mid-power LEDs, the RIDI LINIA continuous lighting system boasts particularly high efficiency.

Markthalle, Stuttgart

Markthalle Stuttgart is an exquisite shopping venue and has gained a reputation as a well-known and popular hidden gem far beyond the borders of Stuttgart. The Markthalle was constructed according to plans developed by the architect Prof. Martin Elsässer and inaugurated in January 1914. Since then, it has constituted an important economic factor and provides a livelihood to numerous trading companies and service providers. RLS-LEDs by RIDI illuminate the art nouveau architecture of the glass-roofed hall, which is now a protected historical building. The high-bay hall light is a true power pack, characterised not only by its high output but also by its compact design.

Uhland Apotheke, Mühlacker

With the move to new premises, Uhland Apotheke in Mühlacker went looking for a new, modern lighting concept. The KARO and CIRQUA spotlights in a refined black finish match the open ceiling and illuminate the pharmacy’s aisles and shelves. The black ll:fy Cornice Medium pendant luminaire fits perfectly into the design and illuminates the counters and a part of the sales area.

Drogerie Rossmann, Łódź

In mid-June 2020, a flagship ROSSMANN store was opened at the former Poznański factory. The factory is now called Manufaktura Łódź. Manufaktura is a tourist attraction, a true gem bustling with activity and full of positive energy. The restored post-industrial buildings give it a unique character. Rossmann stores are a step into the future: places where modern design blends with top-notch technologies, and the selected brands are consistent with the latest international trends. Rossmann currently has 1,429 stores in Poland. The store in Manufaktura is the largest Rossmann store in Europe, designed according to new standards that emphasize its individual character. The store is divided into four zones: Manufaktura Piękna, Strefa Beauty, Strefa Zdrowia, and Strefa Grab&go. The character of each zone is accentuated by carefully selected RIDI lighting. The Manufaktura Piękna, Strefa Beauty, Strefa Zdrowia zones use CIRQUA-L luminaires with ST rail systems and decorative light fixtures dedicated to each zone. In the Grab & go zone, luminaires from the VLGFP and VLMF-CIRQUA-L series with the VLTM system are used. The zones are separated by a passageway illuminated with RLS1-LED luminaires.

Real Markthalle, Balingen

Real Markt Balingen in the Gehrn business park became a Markthalle and celebrated a major re-opening in July 2019. Following Krefeld and Braunschweig, Balingen is the third location following this concept, which evokes an image of a traditional market hall with its world of gastronomical experiences and numerous small stands. The individual areas are highlighted using lighting by RIDI. In the entrance area and the primary traffic paths, the RIDI LINIA-FLAT continuous lighting system provides basic illumination and guides the visitor towards the individual shopping areas. The special arrangement of the continuous lighting systems in the style of Mikado sticks brings a loosening effect in the main corridors. CIRQUA spotlights in single and double variants are used to provide lighting accents for cosmetics, household goods and promotional products. REY aisle zone spotlights, also in single and double variants specially developed for the complex requirements of product lightning in shelf aisles, provide efficient illumination of the product aisles and wall displays. In the cooled and frozen food sections, VLDF-F continuous luminaires at a cool 5000 Kelvin are used to visually separate it from the other areas of the market with a colour temperature of 3000 Kelvin, simplifying orientation inside the spacious market.

Schultheiss Quartier, Berlin

An impressive quarter has been created on the site of the former Schultheiss brewery in Berlin-Moabit, offering around 30,000 square metres of shopping and dining. A new building was added to the historic, listed parts of the old brewery, which together house numerous shops for indulgence, fashion and technology. The RIDI Group supplied a lighting concept for the traffic zones and public areas of the neighbourhood with RIDI and li:fy luminaire systems. EDLR downlights (RIDI), Maxi pendant luminaires (li:fy) and the Bottle luminaire (li:fy) were used.

Autohaus Fischer, Landau

The history of FISCHER Automobiles began over 40 years ago. Today, the company boasts a sales area over 10,000 square metres in four locations, and a team of over 100 staff. At the Landau branch, vehicles from Peugeot, Citroën, DS and Mitsubishi are on display under RIDI LED lighting. RLS1-LED high bay reflector luminaires in silver provide blanket illumination for the high sales hall. The individual light points reflect in the highly polished bodywork and set glistening accents.

The Grafton, Cambridge

The Grafton Centre is a shopping centre in the heart of Cambridge. As part of a comprehensive refurbishment programme, the focus was on upgrading the lighting in the mall and atrium areas. Engineering group Intoheat developed a lighting solution using products from the RIDI Group's extensive portfolio, a large number of which are from the Spectral brand segment. In areas with high ceilings, for example, the S36 profile was used with a specially developed mounting system for integration into the wooden slatted ceilings. A mixture of daylight and artificial light with a combination of different pendant luminaires (Stora-LK, H80 profile, S36 profile) gives the retail space a much higher quality atmosphere.

Tafelladen, Tübingen

The Tübinger Tafel (Tübingen Food Bank) has made it its mission to collect surplus food and food waste, and to give this to people in need. Established in 1998, the food bank is run today by around 130 voluntary workers and has become an integral part of Tübingen’s cityscape. Over time the old premises on Katharinenstrasse became too small and the association saw the need to act, as more and more residents from Tübingen and the region started using the service. After a three-year search for bigger spaces, management found somewhere near Tübingen’s railway freight depot. As a non-profit association, the food bank is reliant on donations and sponsors, and this was also the case when it came to converting the new premises for the Tübinger Tafel. “When we were planning the new location, I tried to rely on handymen and manufacturers from the surrounding region as much as possible,” says Gottfried Esslinger, deputy chairman of the Tübinger Tafel. “That’s why I got in touch with your executive board, who responded right away and registered their interest.” Planning began immediately after an initial meeting had taken place, in which RIDI Leuchten GmbH, together with the management of the food bank, planned the installation of the lighting in the food bank’s new location and then implemented it. Donations included several FPL LED recessed luminaires for the large storage rooms as well as swivelling FROGG recessed downlights for accented lighting. “The generous support in terms of the provision of the lighting is an important contribution to the interior design of the Tübinger Tafel’s new location,” says Esslinger. “I want to say a massive thank you again to RIDI Leuchten for providing our lights.”

Real Markthalle, Krefeld

The Real Markthalle in Krefeld opened at the end of 2016 with a total area of over 11,500 square metres. Real's new "Food Lover" concept with an extensive food experience and numerous small stalls is reminiscent of a traditional market hall. The lighting emphasises the individuality of the individual stalls and manufactories. While the market stalls were given functional lighting with spotlight systems, decorative lighting with individually selected pendant luminaires was used in the counter area, among others. The RIDI LINIA continuous row system was used here to visually soften the enormous length of the main aisles and introduce a structure that facilitates orientation. The continuous rows with the LINIA-FLAT LED gear trays run at a slight angle both horizontally and vertically, resulting in deliberate overlaps between the light lines. The arrangement of the continuous rows guides customers from the entrance area into the store to the individual product areas. The LUPO spotlight modules integrated into the strip lighting can be used to create accents at selected locations, while a track-mounted spotlight system was chosen for the actual shelf walls to provide excellent illumination of the goods. Floodlights provide uniform ambient lighting, while the LUPO accent spotlights create individual highlights. VLDF-F linear luminaires arranged in track provide general lighting for the refrigerated cabinets. While all other areas of the store are illuminated with a colour temperature of 3000 Kelvin, this area with its cool 5000 Kelvin can be seen from afar and makes it easier to find your way around the large, spacious store. In the cosmetics area, radiant track lighting emanates from the consultation counter, with spotlights illuminating all areas of the very freely arranged, small-scale world of goods. In the fashion area, LUPO and KARO spotlights in track provide lighting accents.

Daniel’s Blumenstudio, Illingen

A continuous power rail, on which the KARO LED spotlights can be positioned anywhere along the length of the room and aligned with pinpoint accuracy, is installed to provide accented illumination of shelves and display cabinets. The KARO can be rotated around 360° and swivelled around 135°. This spotlight, equipped with lenses, is therefore able to reach every corner and every object. Glare-free general illumination is required for the working and display cabinet area. The transparency of the Iris LED ring light emphasises the clear interior design and the fresh colour concept of the sales area. The microprismatic ring disc ensures glare-free light. Its indirect light brightens the ceiling and creates an interesting effect for a perfectly light and airy overall appearance.

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet, Swindon

Spectral’s striking STORA LK luminaire has taken pride of place at the revamped Swindon Designer Outlet Centre. The £35 million project included an extension to the village, an upgrade to the facilities and a conversion of the historic Long Shop building into stunning new retail space. Built in 1874, the Grade II listed structure formed part of the Great Western Railway works building. Paul Tattum, Director at Future Projects, says: "We were keen to find a lighting solution that would fit in with our design goals. We were seeking a luminaire which could be an attractive centre-piece, while also reflecting the ethos and tradition of the Long Shop itself. When we found Spectral STORA LK we knew we had found exactly what we were looking for – a stylish low energy luminaire, built on a large scale. Spectral provided fantastic service, and we were delighted with the end result. The lights are both eye catching and practical, and are a perfect fit for this project."

LP12 Mall of Berlin, Berlin

The Mall of Berlin has been built on Berlin‘s historic Leipziger Platz. The developer has succeeded in capturing the flair of bygone days, linking an age-old shopping tradition with the generous expanse of a modern mall featuring over 270 shops and Germany’s biggest food court. The unique character of this special project called for an out-of-the-ordinary lighting solution. All the traffic zones, staircases, lift systems, corridors and public areas of the food court are illuminated by luminaires from the RIDI Group. Most of these are project-specific bespoke solutions: Just under 4.5 kilometres of LED cove lighting with internally developed and produced LED modules, more than 3500 LED downlighters for basic lighting in the Mall areas and above the escalators, as well as contemporary Stora surface-mounted luminaires in front of the lifts. In marked contrast, the entrance area is lit by bespoke vintage-look luminaires.

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