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Education & Culture

Efficient everyday lighting – from preschools to universities

Light for education and culture is a broad topic.

Education comprises facilities, from kindergartens to schools, high schools and universities through to the most diverse institutions for adult and further education. Light for learning goes hand-in-hand with the age of digitalisation, and also with advancements in luminaire and light technology. 

Standard lighting for classrooms and lecture halls plays a key role in information assimilation, affects the concentration span and improves performance and hence learning success. Daylight-dependant light management also has a positive effect on well-being and the biological inner clock of students and teachers alike.

Art and culture in the right light

Light for public buildings and cultural facilities must perform the illumination task, and also take into account the perception and well-being of the visitor or observer. Museums, galleries, exhibitions call for special technical lighting solutions in order to set the scene for art, technology, display panels or exhibits, thereby creating an interesting and appealing presentation for the observer. 

RIDI offers the right solution for all illumination requirements in the education and culture sector, satisfying the demand for efficiency and sustainability at the same time. In public buildings especially, the concept of energy saving and environmental protection should be observed from the outset.

RIDI lighting solutions for education & culture

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