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APCON system overview

Much more than just lighting control

RIDI Group’s APCON lighting and building control system meets the requirements for lower energy consumption for lighting systems.

It reduces CO2 emissions and increases the service life by reducing power or even switching the lighting system off entirely by means of sensors.

APCON offers great ease of use with elements such as touch panels, apps, dimmers, push-button couplers, and also the option of connecting user-specific control panels.

Adaptations to changes in use or extensions are made easy and provide a maximum of flexibility.

APCON light and facility management


APCON EASY: the application-oriented lighting control system that offers the option of not only controlling the lighting system by motion and daylight, but also of individually switching and dimming the lights. Configuration takes place on a convenient smartphone app. The system is particularly suitable for industrial and assembly areas as well as for logistics applications.

APCON EASY BLE: the radio frequency-based and hybrid lighting control system for when you cannot install additional cables for switching and dimming the lighting or would prefer to go without. Some applications also allow you to combine radio frequency & cable controls, i.e. hybrid solutions. Beyond simply controlling the lighting by using switching, dimming, and daylight- and motion-dependent controls, the system offers a high degree of functional possibilities. Possible options are coloured light controls such as RGB, RGBW, Tunable White, and circadian daylight sequences (Human Centric Lighting – HCL) for which a wide range of lighting control components are available, which can be conveniently configured and operated via a smartphone or tablet app.

More about APCON EASY


APCON INDIVIDUAL: the cable-based DALI lighting control system for any application.

It offers a very high degree of functionality and flexibility, enabling individually customised holistic solutions. A wide range of convenient operating and control elements such as push-button
couplers, design-oriented touch panels, and displays are available to control the lighting in addition to a variety of sensors.

Further, you can conveniently operate the lighting via customisable interfaces for smartphones and tablets. Coloured light controls such as RGB, RGBW, Tunable White, or circadian daylight sequences (Human Centric Lighting – HCL) are some of the possible options via a number of operating and control devices.

The configuration of the luminaires, control, and operating elements as well as the sensors takes place either conveniently via a smartphone/tablet app or with the help of additional analysis and monitoring tools via PC software.



APCON UNLIMITED: the lighting control system that meets industrial standards and offers the highest degree of functionality and flexibility.

The heart of the system is a programmable logic controller (PLC) with peripherals that vary depending on the application. Such an industrial standard guarantees an exceptionally high level of safety when replacement becomes necessary and offers practically limitless functional possibilities/scalability in terms of functions and system scope. Other options are energy monitoring visualisations, remote access options, and connection to the building management system in addition to the functional diversity that other APCON systems offer.

APCON UNLIMITED lighting and building control solutions are intended for large projects such as those found in production areas of car manufacturers and large logistics centres.


We are a member of the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance

The Digital Illumination Interface Alliance, DiiA for short, is an open consortium of companies in the international lighting industry. They are tasked with supporting manufacturers in testing DALI-2 components and with certifying the products accordingly if they meet the standard requirements. The aim is to promote the worldwide standardisation of digital lighting control solutions and to ensure the interoperability of such systems.

With its APCON lighting control systems, RIDI Leuchten GmbH is a manufacturer of DALI and DALI-2 lighting control components and thus an associate member of DiiA.

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