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Ceiling type i
1. Mineral and plasterboard ceilings, wood panelled ceilings
2. Ceilings with concealed T-bars and symmetric mineral fibre and plasterboard tiles
3. Ceilings with concealed T-bars and symmetric metal tiles
4. Ceilings with exposed T-bars and lay-in ledged or grooved ceiling boards
5. Ceilings with concealed support rails and asymmetric mineral fibre board
6. Continuous trim strip ceilings with mineral fibreboard or metal tile ceilings
7. Metal plank systems Luminaire mounting parallel to the planks
8. Recessed luminaires for sports halls for Wilhelmi-type mineral fibre board ceilings
9. Recessed luminaires for sports halls for metal plank ceilings, modular dimension 100 (75 + 25 or 84 + 16)
System dimension
Luminaire shape
Protection rating
Rated luminous flux
Rated power
Luminaire efficiency
Light output
Light distribution
Radiation pattern
UGR class
Colour temperature
Colour rendering index Ra
Ball proof
Emergency lighting
Your selection: Product category : Decken- und Wandleuchten , Mounting method : Attachment

1146 Articles in 30 Product families


AB surface-mounted ceiling luminaires for rapid refurbishment in 1:1 replacement


ABR supplies functional lighting solutions for applications in offices and ancillary rooms as well as for sports halls


ABRB can be combined as a single luminaire or as a quick-mounting strip light. Especially for offices, schools or salesrooms


ABRF surface-mounted luminaire family in a slimline design with oval sides and various designs


ABRFB, a classic surface-mounted luminaire family for continuous-row and single mounting with a wide range of optical controls


ABW wall washer for conventional lamps and ABW-R for LED RIDI-TUBE as single luminaires for ceiling or pendant mounting


ARKA luminaire range, the most beautiful standard for offices and education


EL luminaire family combines recurring geometries with a wide variety of optical controls in a complete family of recessed and surface-mounted luminaires.


FLAKE is a direct-indirect beam trapezoidal luminaire for pendant, surface or wall mounting


IHLS surface-mounted luminaires for industry with higher protection rating


IRL is an industrial tubular luminaire with IP66/IP68/IP69k protection rating for harsh environments


LENSES luminaire range with characteristic optics for optimum office and school lighting


Diffuser luminaire LF are particularly robust and hard-wearing single luminaire with a high protection rating of IP 64


LFN diffuser luminaire are particularly robust and hard-wearing single luminaire with a high protection rating of IP 50


M125 luminaire series with high impact resistance and protection rating


M200 luminaire series with high impact resistance and protection rating


MAXI a luminaire family with surface-mounted and pendant luminaires with coloured textile cover for a wide range of applications


The large PFLO moisture-proof luminaire family includes variants with LED modules as well as variants with quick-change R-TUBE, all with the same IP66 protection rating.


PFSB moisture-proof luminaire is characterised by high impact resistance IK09 and protection rating IP65.


PLF moisture-proof luminaires with IP54 protection rating for ceiling or pendant mounting


REY, REYA and REYE, aisle zone spotlights for effective and efficient shelf illumination with TIR lens technology as a surface-mounted version


RKSK diffuser luminaire with opal semi-circular acrylic diffuser and IP 65 protection rating for many applications


RUFO diffuser luminaire with opal semi-circular acrylic diffuser or flat cylindrical diffuser for many applications


SALI - A lighting solution for demanding applications. The reliable and powerful single batten luminaire for pendant and surface-mounted versions.


The SHL surface-mounted luminaires for sports halls are enclosed single luminaires, making them very robust, dirt-resistant and ball-resistant


SPN mirror light with an unobtrusive and smooth look for pleasant, glare-free and shadow-free light


SURVIVOR luminaire for high protection requirements with IP65 and min. IK08


VENICE, the slim luminaire system with many combination options in a modern design and sustainable RIDI LED technology


VLDF-FLAT - efficient LED batten with linear optics for different light distributions


Single luminaire WL for various ceiling mountings with semicircular diffuser made of UV-stabilised PMMA

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