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FPL3 M600...MPS


Design: LED recessed luminaire, flat design, stable luminaire frame made of optimally thermally dissipating sectional extruded aluminium, white powder coated, similar to RAL9016. Luminaire rear side white plastic-coated, fixing of the disc package by screwless frame construction to ensure precise light coupling into the optical system, resulting in high system efficiency and very homogenous illumination of the optical control.Very high flexibility - PowerSwitch enables different light levels to be set via DipSwitch. The designs with ColourSwitch offer two light colours in one luminaire, which can be selected using a switch.Protection class I. Protection rating IP40 on the room side, IP20 on the ceiling side.

LED recessed luminaire with microprismatic panel for glare-free lighting. Panel made of non-yellowing PMMA, external prismatics.

0832995 - FPL3-EQ0595DAWS8TWMPS0500

Control: DALI

Colour temperature: Array

Luminous flux (lm): 4020

Power (W): 34

Efficiency (lm/W): 121

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