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Lighting for concentration and motivation

The modern office world is in a state of flux. Digitalisation, flexitime and global communication also caught on in the working world long ago, and are turning offices to living spaces with communication zones, mobile workstations and recuperation areas.

Consequently, light has to satisfy several criteria in the modern working world. This includes singular lighting for desk work, as well as the room's ground level lighting, illumination of quiet zones, meeting points and think tanks.

Illumination matched to these areas improves the working atmosphere, reduces absence rates and encourages motivation. Modern illumination concepts with dynamic lighting adapted to the times of the day are equivalent to a human' internal biological clock and make a significant contribution to well-being.

RIDI luminaires for offices and conferences

RIDI offers modern light solutions for new builds and renovations. Modern office lighting means rethinking, it means intelligent light based on light management systems and energy saving through LEDs, but it also means individual light for ensuring the well-being of employees.

RIDI office luminaires

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