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Partnership with Arcluce in Germany


In order to be able to offer an integrated project processing, RIDI Leuchten GmbH has agreed a strategic partnership for outdoor lighting with the Italian company Arcluce S.p.A.

All products of the Arcluce EQOS spotlight series ideally complement the product portfolio in the area of exterior and car park lighting close to buildings. Further luminaire series will follow.

Products of EQOS series are distributed by RIDI Leuchten GmbH under Arcluce. The product data can be found directly on the Arcluce website:


Contact persons in Germany for these Arcluce products are, as usual, the field service and the commercial agencies of RIDI Group.

Inquiries can also be sent directly following e-mail: arclucenoSpamPlease@ridi.de

Through this partnership, small and medium-sized businesses in Europe continue to hold together and mutually reinforce each other.

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