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barth Spedition GmbH, Hechingen

Project description
The barth logistics group is a medium-sized freight-forwarding and logistics company that has enjoyed continuous economic success for over 70 years thanks to the development of its logistics products. In addition to its main location in Burladingen, the company opened its new freight-forwarding hub in Hechingen, which boasts a handling hall, petrol station, lorry service bay and office building, as well as 50 loading gates in the freight-forwarding terminal, in September 2021. The design of the facility focused on sustainable construction right from the planning stage. RIDI Leuchten GmbH developed a lighting concept to match this focus. We can offer attractive terms to customers for larger projects thanks to the RIDI GROUP 360° portfolio, which allows us to provide customers with multiple product and service modules – and thus an overall solution that is precisely tailored to their requirements. The large-scale warehouses are illuminated by the RIDI LINIA-FLAT continuous lighting system, which is implemented here in a special solution with the light colour 857, and is intelligently controlled and networked by APCON light control components. The IRL industrial tubular luminaire is used in the lorry workshop as well as in the wash bay. It resists external influences thanks to its robust material and high protection rating. Two high-quality and functional luminaires in the form of the Dome-S floor-standing luminaire and the S36 profile from Spectral meet the high requirements the open-plan offices demand. What makes the Dome-S floor-standing luminaire so special is its integrated SWARM sensor, which ensures networked lighting between workstations. When one of the floor-standing luminaires is switched on, the surrounding luminaires remain on at a low level, thus avoiding islands of light that tire the eye (light-dark adaptation). In the kitchen and communal areas, the Maxi pendant luminaire from li:fy sets eye-catching colour accents and provides a pleasant level of illumination. The luminaires are attached to lighting tracks, making them flexible and quick to arrange. The versatile and efficient RUFO wall luminaire, equipped with a radar sensor, illuminates the staircase. Recessed channels (MINIVOUTE) run through the traffic routes and connect the different areas in the building. In the entrance area, the surface-mounted INTIS downlighter from our outdoor lighting partner ARCLUCE is used to light the way for customers and staff in the reception area.

Hechingen, Germany

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RIDI products used

LINIA offers solutions and variants for all indoor lighting requirements up to protection rating IP54.
RUFO diffuser luminaire with opal semi-circular acrylic diffuser or flat cylindrical diffuser for many applications
IRL is an industrial tubular luminaire with IP66/IP68/IP69k protection rating for harsh environments
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