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Smart air purification


Smart air purification with photocatalysis

BAIRY is a building block that contributes to making spaces safer by protecting against viruses, bacteria, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), etc. in combination with regular ventilation, hygiene, and pandemic-specific regulations, where necessary.
Nevertheless, like other mobile units available on the market, BAIRY is not able to compete with air conditioning systems. Using BAIRY by no means guarantees infection control. It is not a medical device. 

BAIRY is a stylish and space-saving tool with proven effectiveness – also against COVID-19 – that can be used in modern offices, meeting rooms, and smaller sales rooms.

There is no need make elaborate plans to use BAIRY.

Air purification options

✅ Photocatalysis

Germs are eliminated and particles removed through ‘silent combustion’ when reactive free radicals are formed on catalysts under airflow

    + extremely effective and broad in its effect
    + low-risk technical solution with low follow-up costs
    – perceptible operating noise

❌ UV-C technology

UV-C irradiation kills pathogens by damaging their genetic material, which causes their rapid death and renders them ineffective

    + highly effective
    – safety, planning, acceptance, service life (conventional), costs (LED)

❌ HEPA filtration

HEPA filters remove not only dust particles but also viruses, bacteria, and fungi from the air

    + highly effective
    – high follow-up costs due to filter changes
    – possible contamination as a result of filter changes


Smart air purification

The technology

BAIRY is an innovative, photocatalytic, oxidative air purification system. The air is purified using the principle of ‘silent combustion’. 
BAIRY is a completely harmless system that can be used continuously and also when people are present.

BAIRY uses advanced technology in the form of a titanium dioxide catalyst under irradiation with UV-A LEDs that effectively oxidises and thus destroys any viruses, bacteria, fungi, allergens, and odours that are carried into the unit by the airflow.
The process does not produce ozone, only a small amount of harmless substances such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapour (H2O).

Inside the BAIRY unit, a kind of ‘silent combustion’ takes place. 
The result: the harmless substances H2O and CO2


BAIRY variants

Ceiling and wall mounting

Art.-Nr. 0627836
L 335 mm x Ø 156 mm x H 240 mm


Module for RIDI LINIA

Art.-Nr. 1550207
L 500 mm x Ø 156 mm x H 220 mm


Freestanding table version

Art.-Nr. 0627837
L 275 mm x Ø 156 mm x H 193 mm


Technical data


Power: 38W

Weight: 2,4 kg

Acoustic level: 15 - 50 dB(A)

Capacity: 126 m³/Stunde

Nominal LED life UV-A: L70/35.000h

Cleaning interval filter: 6 Monate

Range (ceiling height 3,0m): Ceiling-mounted version up to 450 m³

Range (Table version): Table version up to 240 m³

Versions for recessed ceiling mounting or 3-phase track available on request.





BAIRY Certificate


BAIRY uses an integrated BLE module that means it is easy to integrate into the space and allows users to check the air quality in the rooms where BAIRY is installed via an app in real time as well as to monitor and control it over time. BAIRY has continuous controls and measured values can be checked in addition to a number of other functions. 
The table-top unit also has three adjustable levels that can be set using the button on the top of the housing.

APCON® – easy integration into room solutions

APCON® EASY BLE is RIDI Group’s solution for controlling both luminaires and BAIRY. 
This is done with Bluetooth Low Energy radio modules in the luminaires, which integrate them with other similarly equipped luminaires and control components in a mesh network and this, in turn, makes them intelligent and controllable. 
The operating and configuration tool for the luminaires and control components of an APCON® EASY BLE network is something just about everybody carries on them: an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. The necessary Casambi app is available for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

For more information on APCON® control solutions, please visit our website www.ridi.de.

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